How proteins combine in the brain to protect nerve cells.Prof. Nick Wood

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Ive been a member for at least 5 years now of the Research network. I have been to many venues now,and have been for the progress magazine, I am probably a. Although I am being to move up the ranks as more about Parkinsons.
Anyway regards more about my sight latest visit. Well nothing comes higher than the UCL Institute of Neurology .the London centre of Parkinsons research.
Prof. Nick Woods and his team have produced some of the best advancement in parkinsons research since leavodopa 40 years ago.
The advancement in genetics mutations is paramount to the race to find causes and thes eventually goal a cure.
This to find why cells die and then to find a pathway to block the dyeing process continuing is a important easer to find a causes.
One of these genes is called PINK 1.Changes in the PINK 1 mutations may give vital and understanding about Parkinsons.Nerve cells need lots energy to survive. This energy is supplied by the Mitracondra, a mechanism in the brain, I f this does not function properly clumps of lovely bodies prevent the neurons functioning properly.
Prof. Woods team are trying to find why this is procuring.
A very worthwhile visit and I hope good results will be discovered'
Dear Tony, much as I regularly have lovely bodies on the brain, i think you mean lewy bodies. Personally i would prefer lovely bodies but alas lewy are more likely by far.
hope you don't mind this little tease.
seriously thanks for the report - its always good to be reminded that smart dedicated people are on our case.
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Thank you everyone for reading my report on my latest site visit.I'm afraid my spell check went wrong early Sunday morning.But thanks for understanding what I mean't
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