How to explain Parkinson's to the uninitiated

Hello my name is Sherry. Before I go into all sorts of things I just wanted to let you know that I had an article published by you in your online magazine. It created a lot of awareness so I was thrilled. My physio encouraged me to write a blog, which I must say is quite interesting and gives me something to focus on whilst I try to improve my mobility.
I noticed that you are advertising in your other magazine for people to start a blog and wondered if I could link mine to that in some way. I have been doing mine for 3 weeks or so, not every day but quite regularly.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Sherry Bridges

Hi @sherrybee :clap:

A warm welcome to the Parkinson’s UK forum.:blush:

It’s a amazing that you’ve started your own blog, I have sent your request to our content team and will keep you posted on their response. In the meantime, do make yourself at home on the forum and feel free to join in on any threads.

Best wishes,
Forum Community Manager

My explanation is a simple analogy the majority of the uk population would understand

  1. Imagine I am England
  2. On my right I have the M6
    3 On my left is the M1
  3. Now when both roads are working everything goes as normal
    5 But with me, some bright spark has placed randomised traffic lights, on the M6 SO…iEverything can stop without warning