How to get sex out ur mind

how do u get sex out ur mind,ino it embarssing but it drives u potty ,:laughing:in head 24-7,any surgestions,ive cut back on me mirepion on 3 aday now ,my choice not drs he not no ive done it,but the same prob is there and may be even worse.:disappointed:
Hi Ali,

How long have you been on the reduced level of Mirapexin and have you increased your other meds to compensate for this? I know from previous posts you've had problems with consultants response to this problem so I can well understand your need to adjust your dosage but as your PD symptoms become less managed because of this. Also when our mood is low and we are stressed some people shy away from sex and others want it more to make themselves feel better, more euphoria.....and what better that sex to improve our mood??? Sex, eating our favourite food, our loyal mood boosting friend chocolate and exercise all produce dopamine??! Trouble is it is short lived dopamine so we crave it even more.

Sometimes other types of anti-Parkinson’s medication besides the dopamine agonists can produce similar side effects due to the raised levels of dopamine affecting the reward system part of our brains which of course includes the reward of hypersexual behaviour. Unfortunately some of us are more genetically susceptible, making them more vulnerable and is more likely to happen in people who have a naturally compulsive personality.

Just a few things to think about Ali. Perhaps you'd be wise to have a chat with someone from the PDS Helpline?

Best wishes
Cutiepie x
Hi alij, sorry to hear of your problem. Just another hurdle to jump I guess. I've just replied to somebody else on the forum regarding a sexual problem which is obviousley related to this dam condition that we are all fighting. Before coming on this site I was compleley unaware of the complexities of pd. Its seems so unfair that we are battling a condition that creates such disaster in our lives. I think that you probably also need to go see yor Neuro or pd nurse for advice, as from your post it seems like you feel that your feelings and thoughts might only get worse.

We all need to support each other because we alone know what pd and the meds are capable of. If we find it hard to understand how can we expect our friends and families to?

Replying to the two last posts have helped me to realise that there is far too little support and advice being offered to pwp.
Why should we put up with it and what can we do to change things?

Ali I hope you get some advice and I am only sorry that I could'nt be of more help.

i reduced erm about week half ago i think come off erm slowley and i was going to do another tomorrow
but the prob ive got is the rson for erm i need erm but don tlike the side effect so i dont seem to win either way
i thought i was becomin bit of a horni stud till i come on here there are loads of us who carnt get enuff lol this pd i have is a weird one the choc thing well i just thought i was a choc a holic but there are loads of them 2 its crazy .
mmmmmmmmmm choc:laughing:
I've always liked chocolate, but my craving for it has become almost out of control over the last year or two. And it never seems to stop: I could eat a huge bar in one go and still want another. It only stops when I feel sick.
Star Bars, Lion Bars, Fruit & Nut, Milk, Bournville, Milky Bars, Bounty, Creme Eggs, Flakes, Ripples, Choc Ices, Profiteroles, Chocolate Fudge Brownies ........ Aaaaaarrgh!!!!

:laughing:im hitting the chocie too,but inot wont to put on wieght ,:laughing:but it takes me mind off other cravins if u no wot i mean:laughing::flushed:
my hubby wants to take some of my medication says he never had such a good time since i went on them :wink:
LOL Don't forget the Sildenafil (Viagra) too! :laughing:
we bad enough renaissance i think we should be taking sleeping tablets:laughing:
am on 2 bars chocolate per day. have put on 1 stone. funny thing is that dark chocolate not any good so pure cocoa isnt the thing thats craved. find chocolate improves driving and concentration!

dark chocolate is very good to produce phenethylamine ( pea ) which helps with concentration , the darker the chocolate the better
hi tulip,
so i have been told, but for some reason only milk chocolate does it for me - no idea why.
WHITE chocolate is wonderful too.

I once spent an afternoon touring the Cadbury works at Bournville, with loads of free samples and spoonfuls of thick hot liquid choc too. Made myself ill!!!
"Viagra eye drops to make me look hard"!



Yes the obsessing about sex has become a big problem for me over the last month. I'm on Requip xl 8mg and I've told my PD nurse it feels like compulsive behaviour and maybe I shuld change the meds but she hasn't got back to me for over a week and my consultants appointment has just been put back till end of March which 'll be nine months since I first saw him. Are we allowed to mention particular hospitals here as I wonder if anyone else has similar experience? I agree with Glen the hypersexuality is not treasted seriously enough and no onne seems to be an exprt in it or treatit wit any urgency.
Hi Tanto,
My advice is to keep calling pd nurse,if you get nowhere visit your gp.I was lucky had a good friend on here who encouraged me to go to see gp,he chatted to my gp about side effects.By that time I had been suffering for months from side effects,on pc 24/7,chatting and ...
My mind was so messed up,couldnt or didnt cope with the basics,talked rubbish,really spaced out.if not for friend I probably wouldn't have been able to explain how meds were effecting me.Dread to think what would of happened if carried on with the meds.
Think on packets should have big warning like there is on cigarates.

Take Care Dot x
Its a shame some people make light of other peoples serious problems! Its no joke having compulsions and yet the subject is used for laughter. Its not funny at all!