How to help the pains in my legs . and the strength

I have been using toning
tables now for several months and they have helped me immenslly. I now have no pain in my legs and can walk further.I actually feel like a new person. I feel so well All of my friends and family say that i look a lot better as well . I started this through a friend who had said she had heard the tables were beneficial to parkinsons and asked me to try them out . they are great and a great form of passive exercise.

Hi Usher

This sounds good, but not sure if I have heard of any being in my area will have to make some enquiries. I find normal exercise exhausting and even a moderate walk is really hard work, so will definitely look into this.

All the Best Sugerplum:smile:

Hi Usher, Someone else recommended toning tables but they seem to have gone out of fashion where I live - they used to be in every other beauty salon. There's something else called a bio mat which involves whole body vibration, but no personal experience of it.

can I ask what age your are