How to make blue glasses

I am sitting here looking like a complete **** as i am wearing a home-made pair of blue glasses. very badly home-made.
First of all apologies to the venerable Bede, this is a non-scientific event unlike the carefully calibrated prescriptions that may one day be on offer.
but i thought i'd give it a bash anyway.
1 pair of wrap-around safety glasses
1 sheet of darkish blue celophane

stick the celophane in the glasses
put the glasses on your nose

this was a non-scientific test for 100 reasons

but anyway

immediate feeling of relaxation

perceived improvement in
- stiffness
- flexibility
- getting out of chair

possible improvement in
- cognition

no improvement in
- tremor

delay in taking next medication

deteriotation in
- street cred
- families opinion of one's sanity
- ability to see
How to identify other PWP, we will all be walking around with your invention. You have just made my dad.:laughing:

Happy New Year when it comes
Sorry typing not up to much it should have read, You have just made my day:laughing:
That's brilliant and I thought I was the only Mr's McGiver well done and a happy new year to you all
Thank you Turnip for making me laugh... not easy to do these days!
I was telling a forum member about the blue glasses and can't find the post which kindly gave the prescription. Can anyone direct me to it?
Forum search for blue lenses doesn't throw anything up.
No change there then!
Love GG
the offending item if anyone wants to see it.
They look lovely - but I was wondering why you got the urge to make them? Has blue vision been recommended for PD?

Thanks, Silver
its a long story. there is a video of someone with severe dyskinesia being treated with tinted glasses. secondly if you look up the thread started by Bede (use search forum, user id = 'Bede') you can see that some very serious research is being done about the effects of filtered light on PD and other illnesses.My pathetic attempt was out of genuine interest but with no real hope of much effect, though i think it did help a little. It is a real and, in my humble opinion, a very promising (and non-invasive!) line of potential treatment but I would recommend waiting until the professionals have achieved something.
The extraordinary thing, to me, is the insight that what we see can affect how we move. The'magic' all goes on in the area of the thalamus where the nerves from the eyes first reach the brain, right next to the basal ganglia where most PD symptoms originate. The right type of signal may interfere with the excessive signaling from the bg in a way similarish to the electrical pulses from Deep Brain Stimulation (which ususualy of is of parts if the basal ganglia like the putamen) .
(corrections please if any of this is wrong, but guess who has bought a book on neurology with lots of helpful pictures?)


polar sunglasses seem to help cut down on the jerks


I use polarised sun glasses for angling,

you can get brown,yellowish, or blue grey tint for differeing light conditions.

thank you so much for your insight.I understand now if I want to block my jerks all I have to see is keep reading .It's the same with driving ,always using your eyes..Some might get through but very minimal i wonder if this mighthelp with dyskinesa???