How to measure your tremor

I've been looking for a reliable way to measure my tremor and found an easy way, so just in case some of you are looking for the same, here's what I found:

1. What you need: a mobile phone or a tablet that works with Android operating system (I use an Asus Eeepad tablet).

2. Download the following apps (both are free of charge): Vibrometer and LiftPulse

3. Hold your device in your hand and run the Vibrometer app to see how strong your tremor is. It shows an average of tremor strength for the period you hold it (I hold it for around 1 min). Do the same with your other hand to see the difference.

4. Do the same with the LiftPulse app to see the frequency of your tremor (frequency = number of shakes per second). I presume this is less important, but still interesting.

If anybody else found a different / better way, pls let me/us know.

Those apps are free on iPhone as well.

Although the vibrometer doesn't seem to give a result. I can see it wavering , but I can see my hand wavering.
Great that the apps also exist for apple devices!

My vibrometer shows a mean measure on the top left of the main box - which is the bit i look at. When I run it with the tablet just laying on its own on top of a table the vibrometer still shows an average of around 2.0. When i hold it with my left hand it goes to 3.5 (you need to restart it so the mean starts from scratch again). With my left hand it goes to 2.4. I'm not sure the absolute number means much, but at least i'm hoping i can use it over time to measure how my tremor progresses.

Not sure either the iPhone app is exactly the same as the android one I use or if the movement sensor of the iPhone works the same as the one on my device. I also found another app called HandVib, but I like it less as it seems less accurate - but maybe it varies from device to device, so perhaps worth trying on yours.