How to "perk up" on a down day?

I use meditation and exercise (generally cycling, but walking too) to try to limit the impact that the darkness that lurks within has on my general wellbeing, but have the odd shocker of a day when I really could just lie in bed. Zero motivation, zero enthusiasm, proper "woe is me" type days.

Today is one such day, which finds me looking through all of my old "Management Development Training" type course notes and during the fumbling, I stumbled upon one technique which I have always thought rather good, so where better (and at what better time indeed) to share it .....>>

Take a piece of paper (or open a spreadsheet or document) and number the first 50 lines (1 to 50, obviously)

Your challenge is to fill the 50 lines with things you either like about yourself, or are good at. There are no taboos here, since it is your own personal list, so by definition, whatever you 'think' is a perfectly valid entry.

The thought process behind this exercise goes something like this:

Throughout each and every day of your existence, likelihood is that your self esteem will take a few (a good few indeed) knocks by unwelcome, unwarranted, in-gest etc. etc. comments or actions.

By reading your List-of-50-things each morning, you build up a sufficiently large positive shield that these inevitable put-downs ultimately only manage to take you back down to the norm, rather than feeling lower than a snake's belly.

I'm always keen to hear any other tips and tricks anyone may have, whatever works for you ...

I tried writing one answer to this and they sent me to a black screen


FIFTY things I like about myself????????????? etc .hoot and so on

I did write more before

best of luck everybody

Indeed - doesn't it sound like quite a challenge, especially when we Brits are just oh so modest and unable to praise ourselves about anything.

Sports, skills, personality traits, physical traits, personal achievements, random acts of kindness etc etc etc ... there's plenty of places to go searching in your mind or medal cupboard for ideas!

Good luck all


I think most of us, certainly females in my generation, born in 46, werenot brought up that way. There was nothing worse than being 'big-headed'

I say go for it guys we all need to show ourselves we like ourselves still because the public in general are rude dismissive and down right ignorant.  I know this for a fact because I have been called a fraud and even question on a bus in a disabled chair as to my entitlement to sit there. I pointed out to the muppet who questioned me I am disabled and did he get his medical degree in the school of ignorant's and arrogance.

To which he then backed off because I will not tollerated people with his attidude questioning me. And I don't care how big and ugly they are because this is a fight we must all join togther and win. Mr PD cannot be aloud to beat us.

Good Luck all of you and keep fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


BB xx 


Maybe 5.

As for having the time to read through 50 every morning, even if I did have 50 things to read through, as a carer I don't have the time and my OH couldn't even write one thing down, let alone 50. They can hardly sign their name. I live in the real world after living with P for 17 years. Not being negative, just realistic.

Start with 3 things you like about yourself, and 3 things you're good at.

Do the same (3 and 3) for a friend, and unprompted, give it to them whenever you next see them - tell them it is an exercise in self esteem (not arrogance) - if they return the favour, barring duplicates you're at 12 already!

Mosie, I hear you. This isn't about telling everyone else how good/fit/attractive/whatever that you are, it's about building your self esteem to cope with the inevitable knocks.

Clearly it isn't for everyone, but for those who soldier on with it, good luck.


I am very empathetic (number 1 on my list!)