How to redirect the energy


Awhile ago i read about a fellow Parky woman who found peace by using her compulsive energy for the good.Instead of primal urges,gambling,she became very active in Parkinson advocacy.

I personably know the drugs even sinemet can bring on strong urges.What i do is get involved in our political system help bringing good change for our fellow citizens.I also volunteer with veterans who suffer from nervous conditions.My nervous problems are now very average and I am at peace with myself.

I live my life under the shadow of Dr.Low and his teachings.

One of my favouriteAll things in life that take effort and will  are the best for us"keeping a marriage,a job,friendship,steadys us .On the other hand comfort is fleeting and requires little effort or will thus no long term benefit. 

Having PD is a challenge indeed but one thing drug or no drug we can be masters of our thinking.Often i wake with the swirl of insecure thoughts of worry ,anger and fear ,but now i can turn away and with the thought I can command my thoughts sends those thoughts away with a inner smile,lol and at last resort a little c/L lol

It can be done.