How to remove a post

Hello      Can anyone advise on how to remove a posting, I have gone through the normal channels but have recieived no replies, Its my own fault and I was not thinking straight at the time,,it happens a lot now, not thinking straight  I mean I feel my personality is changing each day that passes ,the person I was is fading and being replaced by a selfish stupid man, I feel I do not belong among such decent people, of course this bleak outlook is powered by a very severe black depression the like of which I have never known.

                             Help              Fed

Hi fedex

After the 3 minutes period to edit your post have passed, you can't edit or delete the post again.  

I've removed the topic that you wrote to us about. Where possible, please do try and think before you post. That said, it is understandable that sometimes we're not thinking straight when posting. 

I hope you feel better today.


Hello Ezinda .    Thankyou for your assistance, I am a bit of a prat at times,I will think before posting , especially when I am wound up, I am pleased to say things are settling down ,still not entirely as they should be  but better,

                                     Thanks again Kindest Regards    fed