How to save your marriage mind and cat

Clues please. Such hard work sometimes

Good god this forum save cats the whole thing has gone to the dogs 

Whits this awe aboot.

Maybe there's a moose loose aboot this hoose !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You have us worried. Know from past postings life and pd problems are really not kind to you.


Hi Fed

Hope you are OK. It seems a long time since you last posted.

Please continue your enigmatic message above.




Hi Fed

 long time no see glad your ok

    Live well. Cc

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm !!!


coolHello all  my  bestistbuddies ,  yes  the  absence has fondered my  heart  dear  pals, I  have  much  sayence  to  all but  in  short  bursts  as  I  find  anything  over  thee  or  three  even  shifts  to  a  parralell universe  just as  I  about  to  post,, sorry  for  spiilliing  mastkkes  not  up  to  sppppped  yit

                                             Kindest  of  rearguards,,  look  over  yrshowlda

                                                               Fedsesdx  (soryy  sorry)

Just before  my  first   marriage splintered into  tiny  fragments  we  had  a  big  tom  cat  called  topsy,, I think  it was his  name that turned  him  into  a  hunter  killer,,from  spuggies  to  Rotties no fear  had  topsy,,  he  could  open  every  door  locked  or unlocked  also  if  a  upstairs  window   was  left  open  he   would climb the  brickwork  onto  the sill  then   leap through the  open  window,, such  agility,,he  used  to   bite  the  bairns  toes so  I  fitted  steel toe caps  to  their  slippers , I used  to  discourage  him  with  a  good  kick  up the  ar/////  botom  ,, a  great  cat  taken  by  thugs and  shot  with  air rifles,, but  not  before killing  seven  prized  racing  pigeons,, sad  eh

                                                     RIP Tops               FED

Hello Dolly,Cheshire ,Supa,Porthos, Golden Girl  Lady J of Oregon Gus Sir Gus of Weymouth   and by no  means  lastively in any formfullness  Idj ?

        Thank you so much for  all  your kind wishes  it surely cheers my  almost  broak hart,,/?  also sorry forr the  smellingmisteaks, (medium rare), I am having to use my belovedsACER laptop which haves muchdifferenta than my Hewlet Packard I really have to clout the  keys in order to bring up  the print however the HP  met a sad end, hit  by  a small  asteroid and reducing it to  tiy tiny  tiny tiny  tiny  pieces  ,alittle  to the right  and  it would have  hit  my head  and  it would  have have  caused  no  harm at  all dont  you  find  i annoying when that  happens this is the  22nd  time this  year, im  going  to  send  this  now  as  it  will  disappear so  BFN

coolcrybig grin

          The three faces say  it all, I  have had a guided tour of hell, taking  the scenic  route  over  the past four  or five  or  six  months and have been  very close  at  times when  experiencing the worst  old  BLACKHEART  was broadsiding me  with,I wont  go  into too  many  details  here  as  the  post  I have  in  mind  will  be  long  and  full  of interesting info  about  how  despite  the  continuous lethal  barbs   old  parky  delivers  every  day  many  more  awful  events  piled  upon  me  like  do  what  (sorry  ) footballers  when  scoring  do,,  you   know  when  they  all jump  on  the  guy  scoring,, but  you  shall  have  to  wait  as  beloved  wants  me  to  venture  shopwise  with  the  pedestrianator,  or  MBS  Mobility  Scooter  so  fear  not  friends  I  shall  return, but  not  on  this  post  ,,, ney   ney  this post    has   too  much  silly,, and the sublect is  way  too  unsilly  so  

                                                   coolBFN           Fed

Sounds like you've been thoroughly squished. Why does life throw everything at you at once. It's not fair. 






coolGood morrow kind person

           Yes I have oft wondered that myself, the only thing I can think of Porthos is this before I prepare to enter the gates of hell  (called sleep to most)I Always say a small prayer, yes I know this is a bit hypocritical as I am not a religous person, any ways thats another argument, as I was saying about my little  prayer its simply this ,,,IF THERE IS A     GOD,PLEASE PROTECT MY WIFE MY CHILDREN MY GRANDCHILDREN MY  BUDDIES, including  your  goodself and all my mates  pals n this GREAT FORUM ALSO LET ANY  PAIN  OR  DISTRESS OF  ANY  KIND BE MINE  NOT  THEIRS and  I think the  big  guy has  taken  me at  my  word as  life gives  old FED some interesting problems to deal  with, some of them taking me into the blackest of black blackness  x10, plus 50 x12,  work i out, its veryveryveryverybad  as I said I will explain my difficulties elsewhere so  look out for it  my friend

                                        Kindest Regards   FED