How to stop husband from getting

My post title should read 'how to stop husband from getting out of bed during the night'

My husband has Parkinson's dementia and is not doing too good.  One of my many concerns is that he tries to get out of bed during the night to go to the bathroom even though he wears incontenance pants. He is very unsteady usually I sense he is moving and wake up quickly but it has happened that I didn't wake up and sometimes he falls. I do try explaining that there is no need for him to get up but he forgets or doesn't fully understand.  Would it be wrong to put bars on the side of the bed for my peace of mind..  Has anyone else had this problem and can give me advice would really appreciate it as going on so little sleep and than having to cope with the day ahead is very difficult and stressful.  

I would ask for advice from the professionals, maybe an OT.

Bars MAY be a good idea but if he is still intent on getting up, they may also be a safety issue.


I know you posted a while ago but only just back on here.

My dad has same, dual illness. When he first started getting up in night we put a safety gate a the top of the stairs, kept lights on on landing and bathroom and the OT got grab rails installed. Important thing though was taking lock of bathroom door so he couldnt lock  himself in! All that helped him and keep him safe. This worked but as mobility decreased we got sides on bed. This did stop him getting up. Didnt cause any distress either. Surprised to see you can get sides for a double bed too which meant he could stay with my mum longer. Few years on now and he is downstairs in a electric bed, sides on etc. All put in place by OT.

Hope you are both getting as much support as possible and best of luck.



Have you tried Conveen sheaths?? Much better for skin integrity than full pads, and far more dignified than full pants.

What are Conveen sheaths and where can they be obtained? They sound like a good idea.

Google Nightingale Nurses and Great Bear Healthcare.

Thanks for Gide