How to wreck a Laptop

Hello all. I have bought a new Laptop so problem solved, its another Lenovo as the drowned one was also a Lenovo and was reliable until it failed its amphibious test, this new one unfortunately seems to have a RR-RB211 powered cooling fan,it sucks in so much air small children have to be freed at regular intervals from its intakes else it would overheat, it seems I just cant get through any important event without something not working as it should, going to plan ,or running true to form, only the AULD ENEMY remains constant , BLACKHEART IS always watching , always alert to any lapse in my defences , I must never drop my guard or it hits home with merciless brutality , you might think im losing my marbles but I have rigged up a punchbag and when PD relents I go and punch it to a pulp indeed almost every visit results in major damage to the quite substantial bag but it makes me feel better,,exhausted but better well I just thought you might like to know the latest slice of old feds useless information but I will have to go now as I had my hair cut earlier and I feel like I am being stabbed by a million sharp things so I am offf forr a shour , spot the spelling missteak.

                                        Regards to all   Fed

Hello Kathy.   I have Seasick Steve on my Television, I think he is probably the only entertainer I would pay money to see, his music , that thump thump beat seems to fine tune  the Dyskinesia and filters it out, try it and see if it works for you. Things have been a lot better today when I mentioned to my Nurse Consultant that I was experimenting with my Madopar capsules prior to going bed, trying to get a good nights sleep basically  she suggested trying a single slow release capsule at 1am instead of two  1.25mg at 4.30am I have been trying all sorts of combinations to try and stay mobile through the night without suffering the night terrors , so I tried the one slow release last night and it worked Kathy so in 30mins I will try it again and hopefully it will work again, I will post early tommorow and inform you of the result, I will try anything if I am mobile through the night and do a very good impression of a Zombie when I wake up, I usually wake about 7.30 and try to kick start my metabolism as urgently as possible as I need to fit the Duodopa pump,I say urgently as the Ddpa works well I am fully mobile in 10 mins after activating the system so obviously I need mobility and dexterity to fit the pump which powers up my mobility and dexterity,  simple, but not if I am imobile when I wake, if I cant move i cant fit the pump???!!, Im repeating myself am I not ?  so I will go away, or GET MY COAT as the saying goes, I think I first heard that simple statement about 30yrs ago ,I was at a Union meeting  it was TGWU then and there was a bit of a dispute with management about a health and safety matter, it got a bit heated as some of these confrontations did, and as I was representing the heavy plant guys which was where the origin of the dispute lay I had to be forceful in making my point, a little too forceful , one of the operators was siding with management against the Union and effectively undermining my argument, and he was a member of the Union I pointed out this simple fact and he realised what he was saying, stopped? thought for a moment and said ILL GET ME COAT,  it became more widely used after the FAST SHOW was on tv, I thought that was a really funny show, that show, sorry Im being silly so ILL GET ME COAT.            Night Night  Kathy.     

                                                             Kindest Regards  Fed