How to wreck a Laptop

Hello kind souls

As you know life has not been kind to old fed,over the last three weeks I have been given a kicking by the old enemy Dyskinesia , I failed in my attempt to regain my driving  licence,"because I was very Dysky" and could not concentrate, I wont apply again as the simple assessment was beyond my capabilities and I would be a accident waiting to happen if I tried to drive on the road, better to be dissapointed than dead or worse kill someone else,then last week my very kind Neighbour Terry died, he had a short illness and died of a blood clot on the lung, this has really knocked me for six and I do miss him. Then just to make me sit up and take notice I spilled about a pint of H2O all over my Laptop this did not go down well,it has completely ruined it and it will have to be replaced ,and of course the insurance ran out last week,also the car needs its MOT and service,and we have had couple of jobs done in the house which are not up to scratch and will have to be redone,but  life goes on and I will prevail,things can only get better, "now where have I heard that before"

                                Kindest Regards to you all                 fedexlike




Here's to things getting better, 'they say' the lows make the highs feel better.  It would be nice to have a few of the highs before and after the lows though.

For your next laptop, have you considered a silicone cover for the keyboard, like;

Not the same as one built under the keys but better than water on the insides, or the bowl of chilli I dropped on the carpet tonight. It cleaned up OK but my appetite didn't recover.

Hi Fed

it's so good to hear from you, even in the midst of your distress. It's being so cheerful as keeps you going, and you uplift my spirit and humble my wotsit. Keep at it!

Very best, Semele

Hi fedexlike

Its good to hear from you but sorry to hear of your misfortunes.

Are you sure the laptop is dead? Water isn't good for them but sometimes they can be repairable. I had one that suffered a mug of coffee (Kenco 'really smooth' instant coffee with milk). The keyboard was reduced to uselessness but a quick visit to ebay provided a replacement keyboard for £25. Sometimes if you let the machine dry out and replace the keyboard it may be recoverable.

Obviously you should not connect it to power while its wet and if it made a bang or smoke it may now be no more use than a door stop. Just a thought



He llo and thankyou for your replies.

Me thinks Laptop is deceased ,and  no longer part of this mortal coil, it is a dead Laptop ,gone to meet its maker ,I did get a last gasp out of it then kaput ,so I will consign it to the scraptop poor Laptop.

Had a run out to Alnwick in Northumberland today , if any one out there has a interest in second hand books  there is in the old alnwick station a exellent book shop,I purchased two books , one with the Autograph of the famous WW2 pilot Johnny Johnson inside, it was on a menu from a Hotel in Alnwick where he   must have stayed at some time after the war, it will probably be worth millions so I will purchase a new Laptop and send the rest to PD research. The book is a  exellent read his skills with the most gracefull of killers the Supermarine Spitfire were the stuff of Legends , incidently Supermarine were considering various names for its most notable product, swift and sparrow were possible choices, I dont think sparrow is very apt I would not like to have been shot down by a sparrow,they must have had a sense of humour  in Mitchels design office although Swift was used on their Jet Fighter  .

                                                     Kindest Regards          Fed

Hi Fedexlike.

Sorry to hear about your laptop.

Re. dyskinesias: I don't know what meds you're on, but I used to suffer from really bad dyskinesias because I'm on Sinemet Plus, until about a year ago when I was prescribed Topiramate. It's actually a drug which is normally prescribed for epilepsy but it has shown some beneficial effects in people,with PD, and it has certainly worked for me!  I still get involuntary movements occasionally, usually when I'm anxious, but it's nowhere near as bad as it was before....most of the time you wouldn't know that I had PD just by looking at me, whereas before I used to be embarrassed when I was out in public. Topiramate really has made a big difference to my life. It may not work for you  -  my neurologist said that it doesn't work for everyone -  but it may be worth asking your neuro about it.

All the best anyway. 

Kathy  smile

Hello Kathy,

I have the Duodopa system which pumps a steady dose of dopamein directly into my small intestine , its good but needs managing carefully to get the best out of it I have been told it may take a year or more before my body accepts and works with Dd pa, I am at the last chance saloon as I have tried every combination of anti PD drugs so if this does not settle down it will be a brain transplant for old fed, I hope I am given a choice, a F1 driver or fast jet pilot would be good or a brilliant musician perhaps , anyway the one I have now is losing brain cells at a rapid rate now and significant changes are occuring so its worrying me, but onwards and upwards as they say.

                                         Kindest Regards          Fed

Hi Fed.......I might not be able to anything to resurrect your laptop but might give you a tip or two on how you might stop it from happening son in law was showing me how he connects his laptop to his TV using an HDMI cable......and uses a wireless keyboard......his laptop is now completely isolated from any coffee/tea whatever spillage. 

I hope you can find a good deal on a I have just killed my desktop in an uncontrollable impulsive act....I'm having those kinds of mental health problems and I am not on any PD medication.....It has given perhaps another clue as to why I am suffering many of the symptoms of PD and some of the symptoms of a person taking medication for PD.

I may have said this before somewhere on the forum so forgive the repetition if I have....If low levels of dopamine cause PD.....what does overproduction of dopamine cause....There might be the clue when you hear of the psychotic behaviour of PD sufferers on certain could just be that increased levels of dopamine produce these side effects...if so then my problem could be the overproduction of dopamine....which may cause the general symptoms of PD  along with the heightened psychotic behavioural problems. 
I just wish someone would take me seriously.....then together we might find an answer.
Just for myself.....I have stopped taking all the drugs that have tangible links to PD...positive or negative.

It may take a few months but I am hoping that my dopamine levels will return to a normal level and my symptoms diminish or disappear altogether.....That would rule out PD for the time being and who knows might lead to some proper research into the subject.


Morning Fed, maybe time to consider an Ipad, no chance of water getting between the keys as its a touchscreen. You can also use speach dictation, in all its more flexability and gives better options than what a desktop does although i do have both.

Barter Books in Alnwick are a real gem aren'nt they.

Do you attend any local support groups ?

Have a nice day and lets be grateful we are not living down south where its a bit drafty this morning razz

Good morning  Kyloe and Lighthousepoet

First Lighthouse,I have Duodopa which is very good but is sometimes difficult  to fine tune from day to day , when I get it right it is life changing  but I still have to put my foot down  with a firm hand to keep BLACKHEART at bay.Kyloe I shall give some thought to your suggestion but like many old and bewildered senior citizens I am resistant  to change ,I swore I would never have a lap top but would not want to be without mine  now, but I will think on your idea. I am  sitting here typing this looking across a beautiful valley near Selkirk in the Borders we have rented this house until saturday the view takes your breath away it is a lovely part of the world off the main tourist trail and very quiet so I am going for a stroll now. I do attend a very small group called Disabled friends in Blyth but our numbers are falling due to bereavement illness and disinterest which is a shame as we started about 12 years ago and used to have day trips but we cant afford it now.

                                     Kindest Regards         Fed


Morning Fed,

Please excuse the blank post above but this new forum is driving me nutz !

Hope your having a nice sunny day in the Scottish borders, beutifull countryside around Selkirk is'nt it.

Now if you had an Ipad you could take some photos with it and share the nice views with us big grin

If you do go the iPad route I'm sure you'll get used to the difference very quickly, find a friend who has one and try before you buy.

Re support groups, you probaly know there is one in Alnwick, I hear on the grapevine that someone is trying to set up another group in Alnwick, why on earth they feel the need for two groups in such a small town is beyond my comprehension, but I suppose its better than none.

Hope the weather stays nice for the rest of your hols.





Hello Fed,

I see from another thread that your visiting Concorde today At East Fortune. I well remember the day it was delivered. It was unloaded from a barge at the power station (Torness) and towed across the fields onto the A1 dual carriageway. I was driving back from Edinburgh at the time in the dark so amagine my suprise in seeing Concorde ambling along in the opposite carriagewayeek

With regard to buying a new laptop dont buy a DELL because they smell ..Lol

Good morning from Oregon, fed!

I'm glad to see you're back online.  Just reading about your laptop mishap made me set my mug of tea aside.  Although I don't yet suffer dyskinesia, I can be as clumsy as the next person. 

I've been following your description of direct duodopa treatment.  Maybe we have it in the US, but I haven't heard of it.  If you can get the adjustment exactly right, it sounds like a great solution to this problem we face.  Please keep us all informed.

Good Morning Friends. Thankyou for replying , J   of Grey  Cottage I think Duodopa is now in America and your country is very adept at improving inventions  the jet engine , the all moving tail plane , the Harrier VTOL come to mind, so I hope they improve and  refine this device as it is a bit clumsy and quite weighty but it does work and has improved my life  so I wont be too critical ,its a lovely fine sunny morning here in the Scottish Borders  I am overjoyed  as the RAF have come to play last night even a C130  Hercules threaded its way among the hills in  total darkness , it was lower than this house  and this morning five Tucanos resplendent  in shiny black zoomed overhead, brilliant . Kyloe ,have you visited East Fortune they have a superb collection  of Aircraft I spent a full day  there in the summer  it was fine and warm which is unusual as it normally pours when I visit anything Aviation wise . Regarding support groups in Alnwick  I live in Seaton Delaval so its a bit far to travel also I  seem to go through phases when I  tend to avoid groups and prefer solitude and chatting to all my friends here on this forum incidently when visiting my Daughter in O xford I flew over Concord floating down the thames  on its way to EF , its a stunning Aircraft and you can go inside it at EF the landing gear is a wonder of modern engineering it was a world beater in its time at least we still build Airbus wings and Typhoon bits , also the Hawk  is still in production I think

                                   Kindest Regards  to all       Fed                                                                                                                                                         .


Hi Fed,

It might suprise you to know that I lived just over a mile away from EF some years ago. Low flying aircraft were a regular sight, but they should'nt have been as there is an exclusion zone at EF due to the microlight flying club nearby.

Amagine tootling along in your microlight and suddenly being overtaken by a jet, well it did happen !

Enjoy the good weather whilst it last, snow is forecast for the Highlands eek

Whilst not being an aircraft buff like yourself, my various jaunts have led me Duxford airshow where i went aboard Sally B the flying fortress, Fairford where the Yanks flew in with a very low level pass on the stealth bomber, taking my daughter on her first flight in a De-Haviland Rapide circa 1932 again at Duxford, and more recently landing on the beach at Barra (the tide WAS out), and then flying up to Benbecula and back with stunning views of North and South Uist

Apologies if I have strayed from Laptops lol

Good Morning Kyloe, No need to apologise its nice to chat about any aspect of Aviation, you have had some excellent adventures my friend,were you at Fairford when the B2 arrived after flying from its base in the US accompanied by two F15s ,it displayed on the Saturday and Sunday and left on the Monday if my failing memory recalls , the technology is awesome as long as it doesnt rain, I think the fleet are all mothballed ritght now along with the 117s , they are so expensive to maintain and run and every function they carry out can be replicated by Drones at a fraction of the cost , the B2s cost over a billion a copy, and now we have ordered the F35 Lightning 2 which is massively out flown by the latest Russian Fighters,they will embark on the two new carriers at a ever escalating £5.5Billion each , the two ships will not have Aircraft until 2017-18 its madness if only a fraction of that money was invested into Parkinsons research it would produce positive results very quickly, I am deeply interested in Aviation but surely its better to spend on life rather than death.

                                       Kindest Regards     Fed


Morning Fed,

Suns shining here, hope its the same for you..

It was indeed a B2 at Fairford, awesome plane, if the grey cells serve me correctly it was 2003.

i believe it was there last year too ?

Did your interest ever venture to flight sims and online flight sim games ?

Kindest Regards


Hello Kyloe.  Yes I did use flight sims quite a lot but my version of  PD was not compatible and I rapidly began to feel sick, this got worse and worse until I could only use the sim for 5mins , isnt parky wonderful. I used to attend Fairford every year , my Brother lives nearby in the village of Eynsham near Oxford, one year we were members of FIAT " Friends of the International Air Tattoo and when approaching security diverting traffic I produced my ID from FIAT and this rather flustered security chap directed me and my Brother down a narrow concrete track and directly onto the M25 sized Peri track, I presented my ID "AGAIN" to a American guy and was told to follow the KC135 "BUT NOT TOO CLOSE" This was getting very exciting, the massive 135 was taxying along at a steady pace with a rather sheepish looking  VW JETTA   tootling along  behind, I took the advice of the American as the car was like a feather in a high wind I was aware of the Jetwash ,even more so when the Pilot applied power to the portside outer engine to turn the Aircraft on to its display position, as he moved off a follow me truck pulled in front of us, so we er ,,well we followed, upon reaching our apparent destination , next to a VERY LARGE SIGN ,,,,,,,AIRCREW ONLY,,,,we were quickly ushered into a obvious VIP high security car park as coming up behind us was a AC130 GUNSHIP ,,,not to be messed with,,,   so in we went and parked the little VW  among the giant 4X4s of the USAF  and others, I gathered my cameras , feeling like a VIP I walked towards the flight line my Brother said "I think we are in the wrong place"    ?? I knew that but no one had attempted to stop us, it wasnt until I saw the Base Security Police had guns that I decided to ask  for assistance, so I approached one of the smartly dressed young lady assistants and ,,,well asked for assistance, I showed our ID ,the Lady spoke into a microphone up her sleeve and in seconds we were whisked away and mildly interrogated as to how we had gained access to this compound I told it as it was and we were shown the door as it were and I gather from overheard chatter it had happened before so we made our way to the nearby FIAT enclosure non the worse from our very exciting detour ,retrieving my vehicle was much easier than I thought , you know what its like trying to exit a Air Show   we       had a car back and front with blue lights flashing doing 60mph around the taxyway and finaly on to a quiet country lane , we came to a halt and a bloke  came towards us I opened the window , he told me in a broad deep south drawl  " NOW DONT YOU FELLERS MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AGIN OR WE MIGHT NOT BE AS HOSPITABLE,HAVE A NICE DAY" and they were gone I was never given a explanation  how this possible security lapse came about but it was a real event at least they were very polite, good eh.

                                                       Kindest Regards   Fed

Great story Fed, only been to Fairford once but thoroughly enjoyed it.

Bit closer to home, have you been to the Sunderland airshow?

Flight sims I've played, Fighter Ace, Air Attack, IL2  STURMOVIK

IL2 was way ahead both graphicaly and in realism, even the clouds were realistic, and with a force feedback joystick it was as near to the real thing as one could get in a flight that time.

The Air ATTACK sim had a great online uk community with a dedicated forum, most years a group of the online players met up at Duxford .

It seems our flight paths have crossed a few times, you've probaly shot me down a few times too mr green


Have new Laptop Hooray I upgraded so its all systems go, well tommorow maybe.

                              A very gled fed,,,,Thats supposed to be glad , best  wishes to all