How was you dx

how was you dx with pd,was it a clinical dx,or was it confimered by a dat scan first?

i was clinically dx,but had a 2nd opion as well,cus i did not belive i could have pd.then with in time i got a dat scan :smile:
neurologist made intial diagnosis but as i was considered "to young" to have it she sent me for an MRI scan and a DAT scan for confirmation.i was 44yrs old at the time
I wrote a full reply to this and lost it--- timed out! here goes.
First saw GP with some concerns and he did lots of those finger bouncing tricks and it seemed to me from the looks that were passing between him and med student who was in that day that they knew what was wrong but not saying anything to me
He referred me to neuro 'to put my mind at rest' and I did some googling.
I asked the neuro if it was Parkies and she said she thought not but would see me again in 9 mths to see if any change
When I walked towards her down the corridor on 2nd visit I saw her face change and she sent me for MRI and DAT 'to put my mind at rest'
and DAT confirmed diagnosis
Saw GP, described problems occurring over past year & because of shoulder problems 5 yrs earlier got fast tracked to neuro who dismissed some of my sypmtoms as other problems, but my foot twiched about and nurse saw it, sent for dat & mri 7 weeks of waiting Dat scan proved my Pd :( :cry:

I saw my GP when I started to get twitches in my arm, and a slight tremor in my hand. He referred me to a private neurologist who did an MRI scan, and the whole gamut of tests to rule out multiple sclerosis, Wilson's disease, etc.

I then asked to go back to the NHS, saw Dr Weir who told me after doing clinical tests and seeing the progression of my symptoms between appointments, that I had Parkinson's.

The whole process took three months,so I was quite lucky. I did ask Dr Weir about the DAT scan but he said it was unnecessary as it was evident to him that it was Parkinson's.

Hi ali j my dx took quite while, I had neck and back problems for a long time and noticed my left arm tremor only when i reach forward to pick something up.I was referred to a neurosurgeon for carpal tunnel tests and then to a neurologist and had a ct scan,this came back ok. Then over two years my panic attacks and anxiety started where i would shake uncontrollably. My GP sent me for cognitive behavioural therapy which i tried for nearly a year. This only improved my anxiety slightly so i was put on beta blockers and referred back to another neurologist. I underwent another carpal tunnel test,blood tests ect and had a mri scan which came back negative. I was just about to give up hope when i was referred to another neurologist(Dr Ming) who after watching me walk down the corridor and asking a few question diagnosed pd. I was sent for a dat scan to confirm it and it came back positive. All i can say is even though it was the most frightening thing to come to terms with at last i had an answer to my health problems, and i wasn`t a hypochondriac as i was made to feel! I just wish i`d seen Dr Ming 4 years earlier!

Two years from dx my life is back on track, its just taking a different path....uphill at times but onward and upward (as they say)!!! :wink::sunglasses:

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thanks folks for your replies,its amazin how different things are with us,even with bein dx,we all seem to have a different story to tell,learnin more about our community members is fun ,and feels like we gettin to no each other more beter,x:wink: