How you are treated

H I everyone I've just had some upsetting news today. My dearest friend is in intensive care. I ould normally have got in my car and been there. Even though its 80 miles away no problem. But my hands are tied because my licence ran out Dec 19 the I've rang the DVLA and had letters from them saying they are waiting for the consultant to reply.have rang the consultants sec on 3 occasions . Still no joy. My point is yes I know I can still drive, till they sort it but what if I'm 80 miles away and they send a letter to say i I can't drive .how do I get back. This has been gong on since Sept. I am very independent and my condition is stable , but this is really stressing me out and now with the news of my dearest friend .Why are we treated this way.I moved house in Nov so I am still waiting to be transferred to another hospital.
Yes we are treated strangely . The neuro has no idea of driving standard . Also is vital to drive without taking any medicines sometimes
I want to drive down to Africa soon but so little knowledge of parkinsons i could get into 1 or 2situations