Howdy folks!

Hello for all who take the trouble to read this,

My name is Phil 50 yrs old Dx 8 yrs ago age 42 since then my life and priorities have shifted tremendously , the illness has cost me my job and a marriage of 19yrs.
I have been lucky enough though to have been employed by a major global retailer as a general mgr and was allowed to retire early on pension which I did 3yrs ago, just after I remarried an amazing lady who accepted me P.D and all for what I am we have been together for over four years married just over1yr I'm a lucky guy!

I've never let Parkinson's get on top of me and I never will I'm just that type of person happy to poke fun at myself but not at others,
I try not to let P.D stop me from doing things I like to do and only packed in playing 5 aside football 2yrs ago.

About six years ago I attendedd,a young onset seminar in Sunderland about 3hrs away from my home in the northwest and I was surprised how mentally beaten a lot of the people in the room appeared and it put me off getting involved with anything relating to P.D and,it reinforced my believe in P.M.A = positive mental attitude.

So that's me glass half full not empty, if your not happy with your life change it take control cos you only have one crack at it!

Willing to support , learn from and help others!
Pipwombat aka Phil
Pipwombat -- I like your name!

It sounds as if you have discovered the benefits of a positive, optimistic outlook. Along with daily exercise and the proper combination of medications, it is probably why I am still leading the same life as ever after 16 years with PD (twice your years). But there is, I believe, a big factor of luck as well. My case is slow-moving; others have faster accumulation of symptoms. But as the time for a change rolls around, we usually recognize it. (Hence your dropping football, for example.) We do make sensible alterations when they are necessary for safety.

Welcome to the forum, anyway! I hope you'll keep posting.
great name, great attitude.
Hello j
I agree with your statement of luck in terms of the development of PD with each individual and I'm at the point now without my meds I would not be mobile at all but with I'm good thanks to my apogo pump works really well for me .
I would say progress has been fairly slow and of course I do feel lucky in that respectwhilst none of us are actually lucky having PD are we :-))))

Pipwombat --- nickname given by my mum from a tv program in the sixties with wombats in it I believe