How's 2012 been for you?

Well 2012 has been an emotional roller coaster. Signed off work in April with depression. I was in a bad place - work, personal and finances. Eventually when I started talking, I fell apart. With the support of my amazing family I slowly started to improve. But physical aspects of depression were not getting better. I spoke to my GP who referred me to Neurology at the hospital. Neuro consultant did some mobility tests straight away. I was getting curious by now. He then mentioned that he suspected the P word. Even though at the time I was only 38. I was then sent in the following weeks for an MRI (claustrophobic and very noisy) and a DAT scan. At the beginning of August I got the shock of all shocks. The consultant's suspicion was right! Also a few weeks later at an appointment with the consultant more blood tests were taken. The results of which confirmed Pernicious Anaemia. Amazingly I was dealing with everything really well. I had the initial intensive treatment for the PA. Finally after an OH appointment and meetings at work, I started back at work in October. I've gradually been increasing my hours and I'm negotiating a change of my contract. I get so tired in the afternoon and I am unable to fulfil my current contract. Good things about this year - I've become an Auntie 2 more times to healthy little additions to our family. Also I've learnt how strong I am from how well I have dealt with things. Finally, my family are all healthy and happy.

2013 - all I want is my family to be healthy and happy ... Maybe a winning jackpot lotto ticket ... Oh, and how about a step closer to a cure for our "friend" PD!

Read my poem in Creative Corner under December 2012.

Thanks Christo. I read it and it has a great sentiment. Hopeful. I wish I could write poetry.