Hsbc life insurance

If any one has hsbc critical illness this space..I am just starting my claim and will keep you updated on the progress. Please feel free to ask any questions.

got letter from hsbc which I sign and send back to give them permission to speak to my pd team.. App with doctor to make sure every thing is up to date on my records.Now I have to wait to see if they want me to be examined by their own medical specialist. Keep watching xxxx

Hi I have HSBC critical illness cover so would be very interested how you get on. I was diagnosed 4 years ago. Pm me if you like. The HSBC told me I have to not be able to doi anything for myself to claim but it will be too late then. I was so angry when I found out it didn't cover pd but it does MS. I'm an OT and see loads of pd patients hardly any MS who need help. It's not fair. I'm only in my forties.
Shelly I was told almost the same info and said to the hsbc rep"so your telling me I have to have no quality of life and no enjoyment left, to be almost dead before you pay out?"She told me not neccessarily. SOOOO....I will take every avenue possible to fight them. there are many possibilities and Ive only just started. My doctor is fantastic as are my pd nurse and consultant. It may take a little time but I am stubborn. keep watching ..I will update often xxxx

neenag xx:stuck_out_tongue:
hsbc called me today just to let me know they were going to ask my specialists opinions. they said they could see my circumstances had changed..heres hoping xxx

That's great! Do you mind me asking how your circumstances have changed? I get dla but I'm still working. Did you prepare your consultant that you were going to claim?

Best regards

hi,6 years ago i claimed my crictial insurance,it was with halifax,the people i had my morgage with.wot happined was,i was in tsb chattin to one of my friends who just happins to be a finacial advicer,and he asked me if i had crictial insurance ,and i said yes why,he said cus i should be able to claim,have i checked the paper work it gives names of illnesses which you can claim upon on,my head was all fuz so he said bring it to him and he would check things out for me as a i did.and in my book that was my cover,there it was names ,and there was parkinsons.i said i dont no wot to do,im not good on phones,so he said as long as i give my consent he will sort it out for me,he made the calls with me with him,and 6 weeks later i had my check,all the company did was contact my neuro to confirm things about me,i had the cover so simple work done,i had my morgage paid off wot was left on it,which was 66 grand ,and i had some money as well ,seprate checks,so as long as you have the cover and the paper work all up to date,there should not be no problem,after all you have pd,you have neuro,you have the cover.good luck,let us no how you get on xx:smile:
I had critical illness cover on my mortgage when dx 12 years ago but nobody told me that I could claim and I only found out a couple of years ago when talking to others with pd. Since then Ive changed mortgage providers so it's too late to claim...still stuck with £70000 to pay...I'll be dead before its paid lol!

Hi Neenag and Shelley42

I too had critical illness insurance with HSBC. I contacted them shortly after been diagnosed in 2001. They told me to contact them again when I could no longer work.

I retired in 2007 and duly rang the claims number. I was really surprised to find that the lady I spoke to was the same lady from my original inquiry from six years earlier. She recalled my case and set the wheels in motion.

When I checked the claim criteria I was dismayed to find, just like you Shelley, that PD wasn't on the list! You can imagine how I felt. I was absolutely deflated!

However, when I carefully re-read the whole document, I noticed a clause that specified claims CAN be made under the banner of 'TOTAL AND PERMANENT DISABILITY'.

I made my claim under that clause and my mortgage was paid off within a month of HSBC receiving proof from my Neurologist.

Make sure you re-check your policy.

Good luck.
thankyou i do actually have pd in my policy but will probably claim for same criteria as you.

neenag xxx
Hi pokermid
I have the clause you claimed under. But how bad do you have to be. If I didn't take my meds I wouldn't be able to do anything. But as it is I'm ok. Still working two days a week. Did the HSBC send someone out?

Hi Shelley

I waited the six years from diagnosis until retiring before claiming. You can't expect to receive a 'total and permanent disability' payment if you are still working, even if it is only for two days a week.

Don't give them an excuse to refuse your claim. I might be wrong but I think you have to decide which path to take. Work and wait or retire and claim.

I completed my claim by phone and e-mail. I didn't have to attend any independent or HSBC medical either. I just provided them with all my medical notes and contact details of my Neurologist and GP. No doubt they were both contacted by HSBC.

Good luck
Hi all,

Thanks for raising this topic.

I've passed this thread to the team that produces the Parkinson to see if they would consider writing an article in a future issue about this.

I also had a chat with the helpline team who passed along the following information about where to go if you're having problems with critical illness claims:

You can obtain advice or information about unwelcome insurance claims decisions relating to Parkinson's disease from:

Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS)
0800 023 4567 or
0300 123 9123

There are also sources of advice and information about disability discrimination in relation to insurance.

The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 has been repealed by the Equality Act 2010, except in Northern Ireland.

There is information about the 2010 Act on the website for the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC)
- England 0845 604 6610
- Scotland 0845 604 5510
- Wales 0845 604 8810

The contact details for the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland (ECNI) are - 02890 500600

Hope it helps!
How can you get DLA if you are still able to work???????
I have responded on this issue before.I was an IFA for 28 years and sold many policies over the years. When Critical Illness was first introduced it only covered 4 illnesses to the best of my recollection. As it became popular more illnesses were added. At that juncture it became a cost issue as the policies covering the greater number of illnesses were invariably more expensive.I had my cover with BUPA and I selected on the basis of the most illnesses covered for a defined cost. They paid out without demur on receipt of my gP's letter and copy of my medical history. A word of caution here.because it is at that time they check your answers against the original application form and if for instance you claimed non-smoker rates but your med records state that you smoked then bang goes your claim. To get the best deal it is without doubt worthwhile taking your policy from an Independant. For starters he has multiple choice as far as providers are concerned where as most Banks, B/soc and direct sales organisations only have one of each product to sell.You could buy online but then you are giving away the commission to someone you don't know and most likely will never meet you. I am not making a pitch for business, I am no longer authorised but I do make a plea that you advise your children to purchase as much cover as they can afford for as long as possible. The younger you are the cheaper the premium.
I would advise the last poster to make his claim against PD if it is specified. It is a lot easier to prove than the five features of daily living.
Hello all,

I had the same policy with the same company, I was told I wasnt bad enough under the Loss of Ind Living route. They would only assess me against tests when medicated and I would therefore never be bad enough before my policy was either worthless or expired. This was not stated anywhere in my policy AND the Disability Discrimination Act states that where medication alleviates the condition but does not cure it, any tests should ignore the effects of the medication. I challenged them on this and went to my neuro unmedicated for 24 hrs so he could do a report. I was paid out in full. They told me they had never paid out on PD under the Loss of Ind Living before (about 2 years ago). I have contacted PD UK with this info and they are looking into it. It applies to other conditions that are classed as disabilities too. PLEASE RE-CHECK YOUR POLICY DOCS.
See my post on page 7 or 8 of Daily Life.


Hi Tinker, I'm adding a link to the post you're referring to which will hopefully make it easier to find. Do let me know if this is wrong. Ezinda
I do not have HSBC cover but when I was diagnosed recently I applied for support from the state, Disability living allowance if under 65, attendance allowance if over 65. It was granted without any difficulty and is tax free.
hi all..went to my doctors to see the paper work and update my doctor, the four criteria does not realistically measure day to day living , but we filled in forms so heres hoping, off to see pd nurse today .

love neenag
special hugs ali j xxxx
Hi Ezinda, the link is correct. Thank you for doing that, it is really helpful!

Hi all, Well.....all forms gone in ,just waiting to see what reason they come up with for delaying.

neenag xxx:rolling_eyes: