Humpty Dumpty has got nothing on me

I fell down last week, Base over Apex to coin a phrase
A cup of tea in one hand, a plate in the other
coming out of the lounge I turned from closing the door
My head and body turned OK, my feet just froze to the floor.

TIMBER!! I hit the deck with an extremely loud thud
Both hands full and nothing to hold on to even if I could
I ended up flat on my back laid in the hall
Plate intact, the tea, well, It went halfway up the wall

My wife came running, following the commotion
I explained It all seemed to happen in slow motion
Its OK Im fine and stayed a while, looking up at the ceiling
The truth is it was stupid that I am feeling

No bones were broken, nothing hurt but my pride
Stumbling about a lot, now the fall, I am unable to hide
Running over myself in my wife`s car,I am becoming a liability
Humpty Dumpty has got nothing on me

PS. Instructions on how to Run over yourself can be found at
"Holiday Home Sounds Better ( update )"

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MalcT good that nothing was broken bone wise. Your wife came running to check up on you. She sounds like she loves you. I make two trips. Even my dogs know to not touch my food. My wife since I drop things out of my right hand. Will carry my plate if she sees me. A few dishes have met their fate.

Hope you wife is not like mine has Viking blood in her. Swedish, Brit and Scot. Her family can be traced to the Mayflower 1608.

My wife first would find out if I was alright from the fall. If there was nothing broken. Then she would let me have it. Chew me out. Women can’t live with them and can’t live without them. Keep safe malcT. Tom

Hi @Omahatom,
Tom, your wife sounds like she is a fiery one and somebody not to messed with.
Thank you for your words of wisdom.
I tried to tell my tale of falling for the first time, in a light-hearted way referring to Humpty Dumpty and running myself over in my wife’s car.
I was fortunate this time.:grinning:
let’s see if I’m still smiling the next time.