Hungry and tired

GI was diagnosed 5 years ago at the age of 70.
I didn’t have many problems until a couple,of years ago when I had what I now realise was a bit of a mental breakdown
I stopped eating very much at all, and went from over 10 stones to 6 and a half. All I was eating was fruit, biscuits and cereal.
I’m eating more now and have got back up to 8 stone, but I’ve lost all interest in savoury foods…and whether I eat or not I always feel hungry but don’t fancy anything! This is accompanied by a feeling of anxiety all the time.
I’m up at 6, and am ok until about 10, then I feel nauseous.
I have to try to go out before 10, because if I’m out after that time I get more anxious and feel that I have to get home.

Hi Askernite,

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Hi Askerrnite,

There a few things that surface, when reading your posting.
I’m sure it’s worth noting that you managed to fight back from a possible mental breakdown and from an eating problem and get back to some sort of reasonable life. This demonstrates that you have great character and strength of mind.

Anxiety is, I’m afraid quite common with PD sufferers. I’m not sure why, but I do believe it, because it has for me. I was diagnosed with PD eight years ago and I’m now coming up to 82.

Dealing with stress, anxiety, anger and raw emotion is difficult because all these and more seem to be enhanced as the PD gradually gets worse. I often have a disproportionate level to these very human characteristics and sometimes they become extreme. Relaxation (gentle music, light TV, repose and positive effort to redirect thought patterns often helps. Hobbies, club activities can be of use.

Food in itself is not a problem for me, but swallowing can sometimes be difficult with certain foods when one is in switch-off mode. Activities such as eating, particularly in company, art and craft and even keyboard use can cause over animation and dyskinesia. Again I think that is all part of PD.

Another annoying thing is it is very difficult to watch competitive sport on Tele such as cricket, rugby bowls, etc, as I become super-animated and highly dyskinesic. Again Mr Parkinson is the culprit.

As far as nausea is concerned I have no experience of that, but I have read that anxiety often leads to a feeling of nausea as well as agoraphobia.

I hope the things I have said are not sounding too negative for you. I’m merely pointing them out. I feel I have learn’t to live with them and to some extent, understand them.

Finally I’m not sure if you have a partner or family at home. It helps a lot in many cases, although sometimes, when reading the forum, that is not the case. My wife of fifty-seven years is a blessing and helps me a lot. Although even she can become exasperated on occasions.


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