I cant help but compare PD in a similar way to hunting, though I am not saying I agree with  hunting wild animals, but I actively try and defeat parky  at source before it has a chance to attack, the  Duodopa in most cases is vigilant and there are warnings like my fingers and toes tingle, and a sense of foreboding  is noticeable, this enables me to react before Im overwhelmed , however PD still tries and often succeeds in avoiding my defences and will shut me down with a ever more savagery , I know I am becoming tolerent of all my medication and as that continues the attacks will worsen, and I will again be the Hunted, I am tiring of this cat and mouse game if it was a fight to the death then be done with it, but it stretches ahead with no end in sight.

                                   ONWARD AND UPWARD         FED

I'm happy to see that you still have "upward" in your sign-off, Fed!

You have endured so many trials of different sorts since PD joined you somewhere along the way that your  stamina and mental drive amaze me sometimes.  It is not surprising that every once in a while you sit back and say, "I'm really sick of this whole thing!"  We all need to catch our breath in order to keep fighting -- or fleeing the Hunter.

My best wishes, as always,



       I was hoping you would reply J I think we are on the same wavelength, this must be short as its 2am this side, best wishes


Yes, we do seem to follow similar lines of thought, hold similar opinions on a number of topics.

Lately I've been feeling that my travel days could be numbered.  It would take a very minor turn for the worse in PD for me to lose my confidence in travelling alone.  I make some journeys with my sister or a friend, but I am now booking a walking tour in France for next fall as a single.  One week I'll be with a small group led by a guide who lives in that area (the Dordogne Valley); but for a few days afterward I'll be on my own.  I have a hunch you're not fond of France as a vacation destination.  I don't know what makes me say that, but am I right? 

This year I'm travelling in the spring as well as the autumn because I don't know how many years of free movement remain.  I've never been to Belgium or the Netherlands, so I am really looking forward to a riverboat cruise there in May.  And before the big trips I'll be returning to California for four days to attend a college reunion and visit with old friends and faculty colleagues.

Wishing you an enjoyable day!



  Hello Lady J

                          You are a very brave adventurous Lady, strong  willed and determined and I am sure everyone who reads of your long distance forays to, well just stick a pin in one of those very  large educational facsimiles of our planet, (not the inflatable type) and you will either have been or will be soon, tell me J do you have a thirst for knowledge, the need to know about everything and anything, I am never away from my PATLOP  ? or APPOLT, or TAPPOL, sorry  J a attack of the sillies there, so my friend, today has been good my  dear Lady and I are now back on a firm foundation, especially since I ok'd  a £27 000 extension on the rear of our home in Northumberland, featuring a new kitchen 3xs larger than the existing one and  a new shower room for me, the bathroom is upstairs at present and even though I have a stairlift I still struggle at times, the new Shower Room, plus utility, will make such a huge difference to me J , I am very  unstable now and have at  least 4 or 5 falls every day, and some of the bad ones could have been of the type that can seriously KILL !!!?    MY DEAR FRIEND so if the silly posts come to a dead stop fear not for I WILL HAVE TAKEN THE BARON BLACKHEART DOWN WITH ME  NO DOUBT KICKING AND SREAMING, like the hideous vile evil  PIGDOG  that it is, oh dear Im off again, I am going to end this post as ,                                                          PART ONE                   for I dont want to lose as I have some gooood newwwws for all of youseeeeeeeeeeeehah, yes yes  yes, atlast, nope thats one of those very large boook fulls of maps ,eeeeeeeevvveeennnnttuuuuaaalyyyyyyyyyyyyy my beloved and I  HAVE, WAIT FOR IT, WAIIIT FORITTTT, no no not that, I dont have the strength, anyways, back after this short break  talk among yourselves, wont be long BFN

arrowrazzbig grinevilevileek

          Left to right,, oops sorry WELLCOME BACK 2 PART2, ?????????????YOU CAN STOP CHATTING AMONG YOURSELVES NOW,????????????NO ITS OK ILL WAIT, ok thanks, as I was saying, now pin  your llugs back,as what I have to say is very important, I will begin with the good news, then the very good news then the very very goood  knues, until finally THEHYPERSONICINTERPLANETARYSAFEREENTRYAND TOUCHDOWNABSOLEWTABLY FE//????NG, NICE GOOD NEWS, right here goe's or gows whatever the good news is I have gone all day without a shutdown and hardly any DYSKIE, i CAN HEAR THE CHEERS, and though I am not of a religious mindset ,I thank god for that and will  visit my little Norman church tommorow well today really and insert a £20 note into the slot in the wall, marked GIS YAH CASH NEW,ALL OF IIT, the Vicar has a great sense of humour, I will return to this,but onward the very good news is this little LAPTOP is being put out to grass, I will still use it as a data storge or even storage facility but delivered tommorow is arguably the best of the best of   LAPTOPS  the Apple Mac Book Pro 13inch, I searched the void for the best alrounder and I am road testing this fantastic piece of kit 4 one week

                                                   Will pick up on this tommorow  FED


    Here we are at part 3 does'nt time fly when you are enjoying yourself incidentally in case you arewondering the smilies are LtoR, a  arrow pointing at my wife, then me,then two very nasty cats (they were fighting outside my window last night, a bucket of cold water cured that, the last one  looks like the young solicitor who delivered my Inheritance from a kindly aunt, obviously the very hefty lump of dosh will ease a whole lot of problems , for instance it will pay for the entire works , the kitchen shower utility room  etc, plus a Holliday in  SARK I have wanted to go there since 17 years, so I will do it as PD is pushing me hard and my reserves are becoming depleted.

                                     All the very best J and take care where ever you go



         oh I forgot you mentioned  of my dislike of the French, it comes from being ripped off when visiting the D Day beaches, its a long story,

                                                        Kind Regards Fed

Hi, fed!

I don't recall that you ever told me you disliked the French; I was just guessing and wondered if my hunch was accurate.

We've noticed that we're often in tune with one another's thinking.  Now we're electronically in tune!  My computer is a 13-inch MacBook Pro, too!  However, mine is a few years old, which in Silicon Valley terms means ancient and outdated in a thousand ways.  But techno-idiots like me are blissfully unaware of what their laptops can't do.

Your inheritance from an aunt is being put to good use.  I have been able to travel and pay for some home improvements in the last year and a half because of an inheritance as well.  When my mother died, she left a house in the San Francisco Bay Area to my sister and me.  The real estate market there is insane.  We put this small, very modest, unimproved 1955 house on the market and in one day accepted an offer above the asking price!  And we had even doubted the realtor's recommended asking price.

Your picture of my world travels isn't accurate, though.  At heart, I'm more a stay-at-home than a traveller.  There are only a few parts of the world I have a desire to visit, and they are all in North America or Europe.  A real traveller loves going places to learn about them and likes travel for its own sake.  I definitely do not.  To me, travel is work (those awful transatlantic flights!) but is rewarded with the pleasures of seeing firsthand things and places I have studied or heard about.  So I keep returning to the UK, France, and Canada, because I really enjoy being there.  That said, my next trip is to Belgium and Holland!  I'm going with my sister on a riverboat cruise; it will be new territory for me.  After that tour, I'm continuing on to take a tour of public and private gardens in Oxfordshire.  (Why is my spell-checker telling me I spelled that wrong?  It is Oxfordshire, isn't it?)  This will be the longest journey I've made in years, so I'm hoping my health holds up well.  Like you, I know I must travel while I can.  As a widow and a pwp, already I am reluctant to travel alone.  I try to find small-group tours so that I don't feel I'm being herded about.  The garden tour, for instance, will include only 11 people.

It's cool but sunny here.  Wishing you sunshine and a great weekend!


named OX

    Hello J it is strange how we same to be on the same frequency, I have been ok again today its a bit worrying, the calm before the storm I fear, but then again maybe not, perhaps the storm  has passed for years my friend. You where asking about OXFORDSHIRE  well if I  write to my  Brother who lives in Eynsham, I use Oxfordshire,  but it is now re named and stunted  OXON , thats the county not the city by the way,so a address would be                                    J of GREY, Oregon St , Oxford , Oxon OX234 OK, I think its so long since Ihave rote him a letta,

                                                  Kindest Regards  FED

J , is your garden tour anything to do with someone called Helen?

I don't think so, Mosie.  The tour is with Coopersmith's, a small travel company based in California.


I have been on similar holidays in that area with a British company that usually has a few Americans in the group and I just thought it was a small world sometimes.