Husband just diagnosed and has deep depression

Hello,I desperately need support. It's been 5months since my husband was told he might have Parkinson's. It has now been confirmed. He plunged into deep depression after a business meeting when colleagues told him that he appeared very slow, with speech and movement. They were concerned that he was having a stroke. From that moment he panicked. Lost all confidence and now can't concentrate, or function at all. He is on anti depressants, but I wonder about the effect of these. Are they making him worse? Also, it took 5 months to get to see Parkinson Nurse and now to get referrals. It all seems endless. It is now affecting me. Can't see the way forward. Any advice please?

hi there hope springs i would try phoning the helpline at top of page your area you live in must have a shortage of pd nurses as  your husband spoke to a pd support worker also as he started meds yet,it can be a bit of a bomb shell at first to get both your heads round this ,there is also alot of good meds  out there now,i was 34yrs when dx now 42 still have weepy days but still fighting ! 

We saw PD nurse yesterday and she was great.No meds required yet.  Depression so debilitating, can't see what is Pd symptoms from depression. I think thing will move on from here but I've got low over 5 months and we still have to wait for referrals to psychiatrist and counselling. There is a support group tonight but not sure if it will be good to see other sufferers?

maybe not yet wait till you've took it onboard !

I  disagree, face it, only then can you  try to overcome it and fight it; you won't win, long term, but you can give it a heck of a run for its money along the  way.

(Spouse of PWP for 16 years, diagnosed aged 47)

16 years along the line we are off soon for a 2 day break in the UK and then a cruise in the summer. Life doesn't end, it just becomes different.



My wife is a sufferer and we joined a local Parkinson's Group. They have monthly meetings when we have speakers on various subjects concerning PD and once every 2 weeks we have an exercise class. It does help to get to know others locally in the same situation.

On the Parkinson's web site is a heading: Support for you. 

Click on - local Groups then on Local Support for You and enter your post code. If you don't use the computer phone Parkinson's UK and they can give you details of your local group.

Do hope your husband can get over the depression, a lot of research is being done and new medications will come given time.


Thank you for your comments. This forum is very inspiring. I do want to embrace the changes but I have to wait for my husband to realise life goes on.  feel very lonely despite friends and family talking to me. Please help me stay positive.

Sorry that things are tough at the moment. Some support groups are for care partners, and you would benefit from them, be they structured or just getting together for lunch.

One guy who used to be badly depressed told me that his turning point was getting onto Sinemet (it took ages for his meds to be right), and his present partner staying with him when others gave up.

Best of luck and take care!

Hello Hope Springs. This might seem a bit trivial but you and your husband should try reading some of my poetry in Creative Corner (March 2014 and April 2014). Putting my thoughts into verse I find very uplifting and inspiring. Also, filling my time with as many hobbies and activities as possible helps keep the "black dog" of depression at bay. Good Luck!

hi christo. what do you mean in your story telling "keep the black dog of depression at bay". don't get it

Sir Winston Churchill use to suffer bouts of depression, which he referred to as "the black dog"

interesting young winston chuchill was on tv saturday it was also interesting

Hello Hope Springs

                        The common evils the link between the two must be broken as your husband will see no point in fighting to the death against PD unless the depression is lifted while at the same time thinking he is a condemned man by PD so why go on, but the fact is both these horrible afflictions can be treated and very effectively I am living proof  of that, unfortunately even when you get the better of them you must stay vigilant and when the firs signs of shutdown or freezing are felt you must act quickly , two 1.25 mg of soluble  madopar works for me , and I still use this handy weapon even though I have the Dudopa system working just fine.

Duodopa is a device, basically a pump fitted externally it injects a madopar gell direct to my small intestine bi passing the stomach and relief is almost instant,   due to cost which is high patients will only be offered this system when every other avenue has been tried , to no avail, and in any case the depression would have to be  dealt with first, I know its a rock and a hard place situation but believe me its possible, you need a good team of  Consultants Nurse Specialists and Mental health experts and above all you, your husband must be constantly reassured almost like persuading a new pupil stating school taking those first faltering steps but this is a far more serious predicament and the sooner you get up and running the more rapid the improvement.You can request these excellent professionals come to your home this avoids the additional anxiety caused by a Hospital visit, they are always scarey and worrying,.

               It took me about two months from suicidal to normality so if you think you are not  getting the attention you so urgently need keep bending ears until the recovery process begins.

                                 The very best of wishes to you both, and remember you are not alone in this , you can obtain my address from this forum  and you can contact me anytime if you need to chat.



very nice words moving fed