Husband not ease on forum

My husband is not at all at ease with the forum but I find it invaluable. I have a few concerns about him and this morning I showed him some posts that were talking about these things.
He realised that there were similarities, at least today. He is waiting now to hear if his driving licence will be renewed. I do hope so as he loves driving.
Thank you all for the practical advice you give to PWP and their carers, family, friends and Best Wishes to you all at Christmas and The New Year. flo x
Hello Flo and a Merry Christmas to you both,

Don't worry too much if your husband isn't ready to read the forum comfortably as everything takes time and he may well find it very useful when he is ready. I am glad that you find it useful as PD can be very difficult for carer's as well and we all have our spouses/partner relatives best interest at heart.
hope to see you around the forum again.
best wishes
Hello flo, The only way I can put this is, I now have so many buddies with whom
I share the goods and bads of living with Parky, its always good to have someone
to talk to when times are hard and if PD or BLACKHEART as I often call it, is in your life then times are hard, I have no doubt as your husband finds solace in
this excellent forum he will enjoy both reading and posting, if he has problems typing he could tell you his thoughts and you could type them for him.
Best wishes for the New Year fedexlike
Hello Flo, I was scrolling through the posts and came upon yours and thought I would ask if your Husband is faring well, and yourself of course, Its been a bit of a mine field for me so many things have gone wrong I am becoming a bit shell
shocked, but go into NTGH on the 5th of march to have tests relating to the
Duodopa operation:grin:this will give a much better quality of life If I pass the tests. I know this section of the forum is for Carers Family and friends
and methinks we are all under that heading on this forum, so take care and I hope all is well with you and yours
Kindest Regards Fed
Hello fedex. I am sorry you are having a bad time, I hope that things improve for you. Thank you for asking about my husband. I have posted an update in the carers section, Disturbed sleep, and so far with the new tablets he is sleeping better, touch wood.
He also added a post recently but I think that the topic had run it had run its course.
Best wishes, flo