Husband with PD and Dementia

Hi there
First time on this site.
My husband has had PD for 11 years now and is still able to walk quite well. Over the years I too have seen him slow down and sleep a lot during the day due to his medication. He has good days and bad.
What I find less able to cope with his is Dementia. He is different each day. Sometimes he does not know who I am, sometimes he wants to go to work (he has not worked for 10 years) I have cried, laughed, and screamed ( in another room )
Sometimes I get a glimpse of my old husband and we go for a walk in the park with our dog or go shopping and have a cup of tea. I cherish these moments.
He goes to a centre twice a week and a lovely girl comes in for an afternoon to play cards with him.
Although it is hard being a carer, I have good support from my family and friends. I know if it had been me who had PD, my husband would have been the kind, caring man who would have looked after me. I love you. x
i was very touched by your post. your husband is fortunate in his wife.