Husbands problems with parkinsons

Hi my husband has been diagnosed with Parkinsons for about 5 years he has various symptoms/problems which up until now he has coped with. Over the last few months he has benn experiencing focusing his pupils do not change in size at all, we have had all tests done at hospitals etc and was told there was nothing they could do. He is not on any medication for parkinsons. His biggest worry is he will eventually go blind. I would like to hear from anyone who has had any similar experience. Thanks
hello maryliz ..One of the first problems my husband had befor he was diagnosed which was about the same time as yours five years , was his judgement of curbs when driving . I now know it was his SPACIAL AWARENESS ,He visited his optician and they said his sight was pretty good hardly needs to wear glasses , but then they sent him to be checked for Glaucoma . Even this has been no problem .

At his last visit he wasnt able to read the charts as well they seemed to think it was because of the Parkinsons .. Of course on top of that there is the difficulty of concentration and following the script ..

Have you seen the latest information on the Parkinsons Disease site about sight . You might find it helpful
Hi thanks for that information I will certainly have a look at the new information hope this will help. Hope things will improve for your husband.
Quote from information published by the NHS on one of several PD research studies in Oxford/Thames Valley area:

"Preliminary results indicate that there is a difference in the eye movements between individuals who have the disease and those who don't. We now hope to demonstrate that eye movements change in line with disease progression over time".

So there is an effect on all PWP's although I hasten to add I'm not aware that actual problems are all that common
I thought your eyes had their own source of dopamine (retinal dopamine cells).

I was thinking about sacrificing an eye and implanting it into the centre of my brain, then I decided I didn't think the view would be up to much.