I would be aware that this person has a difficult to trace CV. But if hydrogen works for you, good luck!
Also, hydrogen , as H+ , is the acid in erm...acids. How do you take hydrogen? As H2 it is relatively inert. How does this treatment get administered?

Spam, it is obvious from your replies that you are sceptic just to be sceptic. I don't know the details. I don't do research in PD. But the article gives you a huge list of scientific references, in case you want to know more. I would also advise you to read the article again. One way to administer is a special form of aspirin.
in defense of spam, its legitimate to ask questions, not necessarily expecting the poster to answer them or take them personally.
it seems a very simple solution.
Turnip, I think Spam can defend himself well enough if he would want to :wink:. I have no problem people asking questions. But his remarks came from strong scepticism. You can tell this from his remark "But if hydrogen works for you, good luck.". That's not simply asking a questions. And yes, this is adressed to the poster.

OK, now, back on topic because I don't want to get in discussions. I just want to share and retrieve information over here.
I withdraw.....I'm tired of trying to bring a healthy scepticism to any proposed treatment. I am a medical scientist by profession and my mind works in a way that requires clear thinking and evidence. If hyrogen therapy worked, it would be in mainstream use. I have nothing to gain by being sceptical, but I'm sick and tired of people taking my concerns personally.

Good bye
Looked flakey at first, especially as it's in a blog labelled "Topics from a Multidimensional Biopsychosocial Perspective".The references it cites are respectable science though.Hydrogen and H2S act via our old friend PGC-1alpha to increase the level of oxyggen free radical scavenging enzymes so their therapeutic use has a rational basis. Hopefully now that hydrogen water has beeen shown to work in the mouse model of PD it will progress to higher mammals.

Just wondering whether I would prefer to be saturated with hydrogen (highly explosive) or H2S (rrottten egg smell at 1 part in several million). Anything to stop this rotten disease!
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