Hyperbaric chamber as treatment for Parkinsons

Whilst at the hydrotherapy pool I met a woman with MS. She chatted about her various treatments and mentioned that she goes to a hyperbaric chamber each week, and that she benefits greatly from it.She also said that a few people with PD go regularly. I found the following link to information on this which sounds very promising: http://www.hbot4u.com/brain86.html
I wanted to know if anyone has undergone this treatment, and did they benefit? I put it into the search forum, but could draw up no info on it.
Kind regards, Butterfly.
Very interesting. Nothing shows on the Michael J Fox site when searched
I have heard of this kind of therapy being used for people with MS. It seems reasonable to assume that it could have some benefits for people with PD. There was an article in our local newspaper about a woman with MS having hyperbaric chamber treatment, and if I remember correctly her symptoms improved for a time but later returned.Interesting and worth researching.
according to wikip.tests did not find any benefits for ms unfortunately. and there some nasty risks, especially if you smoke. thats a joke by the way.