Hypersexuality problems

There are many similar stories going back years on this thread.

You are part of a huge group who have had lives ruined by the greed of drug companies.

Thank you,Golden Girl,we are getting there but I don’t think we will ever truly recover from the damage done.I posted because I know from my experience that the PWP normalises their impulse control issues and as a partner one is fearful of letting them down. However I think you have to harness your internal warrior and fight to be heard.
Our consultant,well thats another issue isn’t it. I think sometimes the big Pharma companies are too close to the NHS and that the reporting system needs to be opened up for patients to self report serious side effects
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People just don’t understand what Parkinson’s drugs do to us,just try and put things behind you and really try and keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself,I know it might be hard but in the long run it’s,it will keep you out of trouble I used to be the same,the PD nurse said it was the Pipexus doing it so she seemed me off of them and now I’m fine,no hyper anything,just calmer,bye.

In a previous posting, I made some remarks which I have come to realise were ill-judged and regrettable. On reflection and, irrespective of the views I hold, I accept that my comments were insensitive. I was not aware that the subject of Compulsive Behaviour is such a complex and sensitive issue with ramifications much wider than I realised. I take Dopamine Agonists myself and did know, of course, that they carry a warning of Compulsive Behaviour but I never imagined that a medication I am taking myself could be responsible for the damaging addictive behaviour with which they are attributed. I had not seen or read the numerous sad personal stories which have since been brought to my attention. I have been particularly moved by recent postings on this forum and the article on Compulsive Behaviour featured in the current issue of “The Parkinson”. It has become apparent to me that much – if not most - of the distress associated with Compulsive Behaviour is borne by those who care for and live with relatives who have been prescribed D.A’s. With hindsight, I deeply regret my comments and apologise to anyone to whom I may have caused offence. In an attempt to atone for my indiscretion, I have made an additional donation of £200.00 to Parkinsons UK. Gerrard

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Dearest Gerrard,
You have nothing to apologise for.
Consultant neurologists, GPS, many PWP have no knowledge of these devastating side effects.
PDUK had done very little to publicise the problem although it has been known about for the last 10 years. Latest research in France shows 50% of patients will suffer devastating impulse control disorders in time, as doses increase.
The drug companies involved deliberately keep us in the dark to hang on to their massive profits.
Those of us who have got caught up in this nightmare try to support each other and get the message out there to prevent more people falling into this pit.
You have been shocked at the reality of the side effects and are now less likely to suffer…you will hopefully now have family or friends watching out for signs of ICDs.
Maybe you will warn other Parkinsons patients.
That is what we damaged families want.
Stay well.

Hi Gerrard,

Thank you so much for your generous donation to Parkinson’s UK, it is much appreciated! :slightly_smiling_face:

Best wishes,

Hello,I too say that,I was on 0052mg Pramipexole and Safinamide,then in November 18 my PD doctor saw me and said "I’m putting you on something that will help you greatly,then he gave me a prescription for Co-beneldopar,after I took the first on my life fell apart,I was not the person who I thought I was,like Jekyl and Hyde,I was very very over sexed up,I was on the phone changing the online banking details,my wife went berserk when she tried to get online to do some money transfering,it wouldn’t let her in to the account,my marriage was in turmoil,all because of the co-beneldopar an expert in Parkinson’s Disease gave me,thank f–k he took me off of them,now I don’t take any Parkinson’s meds or anything,he’s taken me off of them all for 3 months to see how I am without them,bye.