does anyone have experience of hypnotherapy to combat freezing?
don't have freezing - but I do have experience of hypnosis! I have hypnotised a few people and have been on stage with a hypnotist but I am not a easily hypnotised person. I used self hypnosis quite a bit. I have found it doesn't work with stiffness. its ok for a few seconds but the stiffness resumes faster than you can suggest relaxation. I would have thought that suggestion might very well work with freezing as that seems to be something that once overcome wont return for a bit.
would imagine you would be given a post-hypnotic key word which when you say it will overcome the freezing. I will be very interested to hear from anyone who has tried it.

How to do self hypnosis
lie down in a dark room
tell your body to relax starting from toes to head
count your breathes from 1 to 10 telling yourself your are becoming more relaxed with each count
imagine yourself freezing
say the special word eg unfreezio
imagine yourself overcoming the freezing

repeat daily

when you freeze say the word

no one know what hypnosis is, but the power of words on the mind is undeniable.