Does anyone know if there are benefits of hypnotherepy to parkinsons? Has anyone tried it?


I'm a great fan of hypnotherapy - I have used it for relaxation and also to give up smoking, and I also had a small breast lump removed under hypnosis instead of general anaaesthetic. I haven't heard that it has any specific benefit for PK but it certainly helps with stress management and of course that is very important for PK.

jjbxl - very impressed that you had an operation - did you have any local anesthetic?
i was taught hypnosis by Dr Ron Shone, http://www.shoners3.freeserve.co.uk/ back in 1977.
I have tried it with pd and the muscles do relax but as soon as you move your attention from them, they spring back into tension.
So, for me, it doesn't work.

Hi again,
Yes I think there was local anaesthetic and also a mild sedative. I started to wake up once or twice, I remember feeling some pinching sensation, but we had a 'safe' signal (honestly can't remember what it was) and the anaesthetist/hypnotherapist focused on getting me back into the trance again. Didn't work quite like the usual relaxation sessions - I had to remember a favorite place and imagine an ideal place before hand and describe these in detail and the hypnotherapist used this info to put me in a trance. I was hooked up so they could administer drugs in an emergency.
I have to say that my tremor was quite light at the time. I don't know if I'd be so keen to do it now as the shake is more sustained, especially when stressed.
But for general relaxation, I find that regular practice gives me better control of my shakes and muscle tensions.

Turnip - I`ve never had hypnotherapy, but I`m still able to control my resting tremor by just concentrating on my hand / leg.
Sometimes I can stop it by just altering the position of the limb - can anyone else achieve this ?.
My resting tremor isn`t too severe at the moment - I would imagine it will be harder to control as it worsens though.

My brother reckons that hypnotherapy cured his tourettes.
I`m sceptical but he still swears it`s true :laughing:

I tell my husband to move his dot or leg which does help Sometimes or if he concentrates on it .. It does seem to happen if he isn't sitting straight almost as if sitting on a nerve