We always get messages from researchers that PD patients have to be careful trying to take some products that have shown benefit in animal models of PD. We all first need to be 500 % sure that the products works before trying. However, when it concers the crappy food we are eating, nobody is warning us of anything. Every possible med first needs a thorough investigation of 20 years before we are allowed to try it. But when it concerns food there is no need to proof anything. We just eat it. Only when we have 500 % certainty that the food is unhealthy, then we should stop eating it. So when it comes to food the rules are upside down.

Why do I say this ? For several reasons. First, I saw on TV scientist that gave proof that the very low doses of pesticides in our food have shown to give PD to animals. But the FDA or whatever scientist doesn't warn PD patients to avoid food with pesticides contamination. Second, I found out that many E-numbers are linked to health issues. One that especially concerns me is E621 as there are reports of it being neurotoxic, leading to brain tumor, parkinson, alzheimer, ... . But then some other researches claim that they don't find anything bad about this E-number. But note the hypocrisy. When it comes to food we suddenly don't need to proof that it is safe before consuming it. We consume it anyway and when it is 500 % sure the food causes damage, then we stop consuming it. There is no need to do preclinical trials and 3 clinical trials in order to proof that E621 is safe for consumption. And this is what I call hypocrisy.

You have the E numbers, pesticide use and genetic modified crops that are given to us without a solid proof of these things to be healthy. I think I start understanding now why we have so all these strange ilnesses. I do have the genes for getting PD. Apparently my cells don't deal well with certain toxins which in the long run can cause me to get PD. Well, I started to eat purely biological food as for now. No more pesticides, E numbers and gmo's in my body.

Some food for thought in your post Mister X.

You have a very valid point Mister X, but i fear it is not onlty the food we eat

I  have very vivid memories of my childhood , where we were seen regularly in school by the ' nit nurse ' we would go home with the obligatory letter saying head lice were found in the school , our mother went to the shop bought the nit shampoo and metal tooth comb , these treatments contain Permetherin which has been possibly linked to Parkinsons , we come into contact with permetherin in various products the main ones being  head lice treatments  , pet flea treatments , insecticides etc ,

Shelly, of course it is not only the food we eat. But Permetherin is also in the food chain. There is always this story about misfolded alpha-synuclein that starts in the gut and reaches your brain. Is that coincidende ? I don't think so. Not saying that there aren't any other sources but the food chain looks the number 1 source together with the inhalation of polluted air.

But anyway, the discussion isn't about where PD comes from. The discussion is about why medicins need 20 years of trials but food doesn't ?

I fully agree with you , i have always believed a lot of problems are caused by the food we eat and the chemicals they put on and in them



I was born in the 70's, I was bought up in the countryside, some of my earliest memories are from the countryside, as a child of pre school age i remember being on the back of a bycycle as my mother rode it too work on a farm, i can still smell the farm from that age, the veg, the smell of wheat, diesel from the tractors and i'm afraid pesticides, tractors wernt as technical as they are now and health and safety is something that has only arrived on farms in the last decade.

When i left school i went straight into working on the same farm in 1985, my grandfather worked there, my mother,sister, and lots of local women and teenagers, one of my job's was spraying off potato dumps around the farm with a knapsack sprayer.

I was provided with no modern safety gear.

No chemical suite

No mask

No gloves

The only instructions were, heres the chemical and there's plenty of it.

I wandered around the farm of several thousand acres spraying off these potato dumps every 2 weeks, the fluid and chemicals running down my back and no doubt into the pours of my skin as i sweated carrrying the sprayer on my back.

We didn't think nothing of it back then, because we didn't know the risks of such things.

Chemicals were everywhere on the farm, as sprays and powders.

When i started working there they employed 9 women and about 20+men, all the women were involved at some point with the chemicals, all but 2 of the 9 women have died from Cancer, my sister among them aged 31.

You only have too type in Parkinsons causes and one of the main results will come up as pesticides.

On october 1st i am likely too get my diagnosis, If it does turn out i have parkinsons, i doubt i'll have too look too far for the cause.