Hypothermia and parkinsons

I find that being cold and Parkinsons have some curious things in common:

- shaking when not moving
- it is harder to initiate movement
- changes thinking when prolonged


- L-dopa evokes hypothermia in mice

I wonder if the reaction one has to the cold (the ways the body copes with the cold) could in some ways be similar to what happens in Parkinsons disease.

Maybe a reaction would first start in peripheral neurons, but then later backwards to the L-dopa cells when the "cold" doesn't stop?

Superficially Parkinsons kinda seems like the person is in a cold place, but is not feeling cold...

What do you think of this similarity?
I can relate to that as far as my husband is concerned . He almost doesnt seem to be able to tell he is tooo cold until he really is very cold . the same with heat
hi z
interesting question. now know what paradoxical undressing and terminal burrowing are! shivering and tremor seem to be quite distinct and in different but close parts of the brain. someone with hypothermia would look like someone with pd apart from getting naked and hiding in a wardrobe.
ps couldnt find anything about which parts of the brain shut down first but would expect the cortex is first to go (hence the stupid activity) followed by the mid-brain (unconsciousness) then the brain stem (goodnight nurse).
Good day,
A thought-provoking topic, I'll mention it to my carer and consultant.
I don't currently progress towards hypothermia in the way you describe; maybe part of the natural reaction to coldness is also affected by age. I have been struck recently by feeling the cold much more strongly, and reacting naturally by shivering.

But the shivers seem much more akin to Parkinsons' shaking and, in my case , very much stronger, especially when medication is wearing off.

Keep warm!

My husband has always liked the cold . He use to say it was because he was born in January ..

When in bed he use to always throw the clothes back , his back would be freezing and I would cover him up .. Maybe he was never aware how cold he was all that time .

I would tell him he was luckt to have such a good thermostat lol .

If I was feeling cold I would couch up to him or he would hold my hands when we were out . That's the Welsh bit of me coming out lol.. Although not sure if that is the corrct spelling lol..

These days when he gets cold without being aware he gets into a frozen state , If in the summer (WAT SUMMER ) you might ask if he gets too warm it strips him of any energy he might have .. I know that happens to me but not to the same extent

Can anyone relate to this .?