I am back after 3 years of absence from this Forum

Hi, everyone, I have ignored this Forum since 2015, probably because I was angry about having this awful illness and therefore I did not want to be reminded of it. However, at the time I had become fond of some other members, such as GUS and FEDEX and wonder how they are getting on. I do hope they are fine. As far as I am concerned, this illness has taken its toll on me over the last 3 years and now I have become slow and begin to find it difficult to get up from sitting down for example. The fact that the Parkinson’s medication does not seem to do anything much for me is frustrating. I have just discovered that I have polymorphisms in the genes which are involved in drug metabolizing enzymes, CYP 450, hence my poor metabolism of levodopa. I wonder whether other people too find they do not respond too well to the Parkinson’s drugs!

I can relate to the difficulty standing up from seated.
Getting in and out of low or small cars is the same.

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Hi, Hubby, how long have you had PD for? Wretched illness. I wish it would go away. Lol

I was diagnosed about 18 months ago.
I think I can probably trace it back a good 3/4 years though at least.
There were lots of signs that individually didn’t mean a lot but when put together made sense.
Losing balance.
Small writing.
Peeing excessively.
Lack of enthusiasm and energy.
Lots more.

Hi all I can relate to the cramps and the difficulties in stand and sitting down, but recently I really am haveinv difficultly with my walking, it seems like I can’t lift my feet up to walk much, as I am tripping over more and more, I have today start my sinemet plus 25/100mg let’s see if this helps, on top of this my body kills with on going back problems, so all not bad sleep for 3 days so really not happy right now.

Thank you for your reply, Hubby. However , let’s keep smiling.Take care of yourself.

Hi, Raz1, I am sure the Sinemet will help. It might even help with your sleep.

Look after yourself.

Hi red poppy

I will let you know in a week or so . I do need sleep as my eye bags are so bad too😞I hope you are doing ok.

Hi red popper

Well I have been taking the meds for a few weeks now, but still not sleeping at night, but now I am falling asleep in the day time, but when I am doing things, eg cooking washing and even walking​:scream::scream:. But when I get into bed I have around 30/10 minuets of sleep than ready for four days again. So meds ha e not helped with sleep. I hope you are well

Kind regards Raz

Dear Raz1,

What a nuisance not being able to sleep at night! No wonder you are falling asleep during the day. Can you mention the problem to your doctor or consultant? They might be able to help, although it is never a good thing to take too many meds.The alternative would be for you to find strategies that make you sleepy. I tend to watch TV until I fall asleep. I do hope things improve for you.
Take care of yourself

Hi Redpoppe

I have seen the doctors and they have give me Mirtazapine 15 mg, but again another medicine on top of everything, but I have also been trying cherry juice, I watch this on tv and looked it up on net, this contain alotof nature melatonin, but you have to drink a lot of it. I have trued to do ward searchers but now my eye sight keeps going alittle funny, I must say this worked for a few weeks but I couldn’t keep up With the juice, I will now trying the tv let’s see if this helps. Thank you for response

Take care Raz

Hi, Raz1, thank you for keeping me posted, though I am sorry to hear that you have still not resolved the problem . However, don’t give up trying!!!
All the best.