I am just starting carers coming in

hi all after 10 yrs of having PD i have a firm of carers coming in what am i supposed to do with them by the time they get here i am already washed and dressed.I am a bit wobblier than i was 10 yrs ago but i still manage in the bathroom dept they were handy in the afternoon tho when it came to poach a couple of eggs what with the boiling pan of water and all that lol any ideas ?

Hi penfold went through this with my late dad it took a while to sort but we kept on asking for a change to the call times if needs be you can ask your social worker to try and find another care company that can suit your times good luck

thnx for your reply peter i know it is going to take time too get used to them they are really nice tho i get a bit embarressed by telling them what i need but last nite it was obvious when it came to pulling out a hot pan out of the oven i went into a tremoring fit and there she was ready to help so there you go but what about the rest of it how much can you ask of some one before they tell you your taking the mike…

Hi no problem I, ll be honest with you before my father passed away we had 2 care firms as one went bust but our overall experience was there were some v. Good carers in both and some who showed no care whatsoever Don, t be afraid to say you Don, t want a certain one to call and try to request you keep the good ones we found a lack of continuity the hardest with so many different people it was hard to build trust hope the info is of use let me know how you get on all the best

Can i ask how you found carers and did you have to pay for them? I’m trying to find out how i can receive some care support for my mum

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I have replied to your query on the thread you created so it should also answer this question as well.

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