I am worried

Has anyone noticed the flow of info seems to have slowed to a trickle , surely the new format is not that offputting, I think its very good and a lot of work has gone into making our Forum better,or is there another reason which I cant see,come on guys wheres the wit the moans  the joy the not so joy I need to read to feed not go to seed, I gain power when our Forums in flower and will surely die if we dont all try,,,,the Forum will die  not,,,not me,sorry that doesnt rhyme does it, but you get the idea, I wont report what occured today as I find it difficult to explain suffice to say my shining sparkling run of bad luck goes on and on? I will explain in a later post.     

                          Isnt christmas great!!!!!     Kindest Regards and peace to all,, thats peace!!!


Hi FedEx

I hate to see you worried. And in this case (evaporating posts notwithstanding) i don't think you need to be.It seems to me there are more, not fewer posts these days. And the more we post, the more people will post. i certainly post more now - as you say, the new forum is better.

So, let me be the first to wish you a merry crimble.


Thanks for the merry bit Sem, but I take on the mantle of a very unhappy scrooge when "Tis th season of goodwill" why just at christmas why not all year, why are we HO HO HO HAH HAHfor two weeks around December 25, and GET LOST A////////£le , for the rest of the year, the very unpleasant GREED GREED GIMMEEE MORE side of human nature is shown and I dont like it.