I cant be the only one

Hello.   And so this is christmas and what have you done, another year over,,,,sorry sorry I am a fan of Lennon, but as in the heading of this post implies I  cant be the only one who would rather hibernate during the christmas period ,Tis th season of good will, is it, try telling that to it those  poor refugees in Syria or Egypt or virtually every country ruled by thugs such as Zimbabwe ,try telling it to the poor and underpriveleged in our own country the food banks will be overun as a direct result of our caring sharing government, I would not be surprised  if the MPs on both sides put in a claim on on expenses for their christmas dinner ,I have no time for the season of getting completely r£&?£&%ed and being done for drink driving or loading up your debt on the visa so little Johnny can have the latest games and toys which will litter the Local Authority refuse tips two days later, I know this because I have seen it with my own eyes , the old (2yr) computers dumped in favour of the latest elctronic gadget, it really does sicken me how far we have distanced ourselves from the real meaning of christmas PAH HUMBUG.

                                         One Grumpy Granpa  Fed

Hi Fed.

No, you're not the only one. I hate it all too. 

Bah humbug is right!  frownsad face

Good morning Kathy. I know my views are condemned others but It really does sicken me , the greed and waste shows humans up for what they are, and that is shallow materialistic species,it is possible to make someone feel like christmas every day for instance when I bought my home or started buying my home should I say I had a lovely old lady as my immediate neighbour, Mrs Nellie Mason, she passed away12years ago and is sorely missed, Nellie would often say that I made every day feel like christmas , she had a coke fire which was a right awkward so and so to light, once lit it was very efficent and used very litte coke, I would go in at 6 am every day before I went to work and  clean out the ash and lay a new fire, she was so pleased to see me and every Sunday she would make me a sponge cake ,this arrangement  continued almost until she died , I suppose what I am trying to say is knowing I was helping this lovely old lady me feel I had  prolonged her life , my wife and I would take her out for the day something she had not been able to do for years since a bad fall broke her hip,I  began to do the same for all my elderly neighbours until we had a routine going I would take them shopping do their gardens  paint and decorate their homes, it was a great period in my life, I had just been granted custody of my two daughters and yes the only way to describe how I felt all those years ago is every day I could give practical help to my most precious neighbours when they were in most need off it, however dont get me wrong it wasnt always easy, I often had to calm them down ( the men) if they disagreed over a football match and often the ladies would have the odd tiff, they were very happy times for me and my young daughters who also helped out, there was a real solid community spirit ,and when christmas arrived we were invited to dinner each year a visit to a different neighbour ,the occasional gift was exchanged but that was not the idea, I loved my neighbours and it was a rewarding thrilling experience taking care of them, they are all gone now, gone to a better place away from a world that is changing, a uncaring heartless place where community spirit has been snuffed out by a government even more uncaring than the thatcher years, I do miss those very special days Christmas had true value and meaning,gone forever. The humans who replaced my dear friends, and I use the word humans with caution, do not speak and if you try to engage them in conversation they just turn away, their kids have no respect for anyone I have tried to get the kids onside but I think my attempts to befriend them acheived nought nothing nada, other than that I was suspected of peadophile tendacies. so I have fallen into line and now all communication has gone, its so sad isnt it.

                           I do miss my friends  Kindest Regards to all my new friends.




Good morning Kathy.  I hope you are feeling well . I dont want to paint a picture of myself as selfish and grumpy when the santas are among us, even though thats precisely what I am, I used to enjoy this amazing stampede leading up to christmas, especialy when my daughters were youngsters, but now I just give them cash and they can buy what they want, I think the only thing I miss is the last two or three days leading up to the two week break when all the heavy machines had to be brought into the safety of the Depot , we all had to really graft , and when every  piece of kit was parked up there wasnt room to swing a cat,,,well maybe a small cat, (joke) it was some sight 45 trucks 20 38-40 ton excavators ,10 15-25 ton exctrs 30 backhoe loaders or JCBs if you like, 8 25 ton 6X6 TEREX Dump trucks ,6 30 ton CAT Dumptrucks,along with 6ton JCB Dumpers and assorted Rollers Vans and smaller plant, I know you will most likely be bored out of your mind by this post but it was some sight, millions of pounds worth of machines ,and they all sought safety when it came to the peace and goodwill time, if they had been left on site they would be smahed to pieces by the morons or WELLDEVILS as I christened them, as soon as you parked up at the end of a shift they would appear as if by magic prowling around trying to outwit security, anyway it gave me a great  deal of satifaction knowing that all were safe , mind it was bedlam when they had to be returned to the site after the christmas break, I do miss my job PD took away my job and even if they found a cure next week I couldnt go back since I had to finish work in 99 everything has changed, the company was taken over and things have worsened  in particular management employee relations so Im well out of it.

                                           I hope I have not bored you, it was just one thing I used to enjoy at christmas

                                  Kindest Regards Kathy