I did it!

Feeling peace at last but after few days probably extremely lonely.Thank you all for your advice when i have written be for new i had to do it,after awful week again of not talking verbal abuse when he did speak, and sulking in other bedroom drinking bottle of vodka, and scare ring me to death, i am now on my own in my own little house . Know i have done the right thing could not support him any longer it was making me more unhappy than happy.I do still love him as i said his can be the most generous man and kind sometimes but not very ofter lately.Probably need to write quite often it does help me to talk about it, and i don't feel so alone if i think somebody is listening to me.Thanks for all your kind words and support xxx

be strong.
you said it clearly in your post - you know you had to move on.
stand up for yourself
keep standing up for yourself

and keep coming back here to keep us updated



Dear Hopeful
You must be feeling very sad right now. It's true that you will feel lonely at times and when you are at your lowest ebb you will probably miss him like crazy. All I can advise is this...do NOT call him if you are low and lonely! Make a pact with yourself to sleep on it. It is easy to 'forget' the bad times when you crave company or remember the good bits.
You have done the right thing...for yourself and also for him. Had you stayed together he would not have sorted his drink problem...however many times he may have told you he could change.
It's time to start taking care of yourself. If you need someone to talk to, I would be very willing to listen. PM me anytime and i will do my best to reply.
Be strong
Carrot x

My dear Hopefull, Consider yourself a brave lady for having the strength to get yourself out of a bad situation. I hope you find peace and happiness.

Radz xx


You have my admiration for taking that step. Not an easy one, I know. Being alone doesn't have to mean being lonely.

As Carrot says, if you feel low and lonely, talk to someone, there is always someone who will listen.

Be strong and remember, you have done the right thing, for him and especially for you..

Well done, pat yourself on the back and if you're lonely keepposting on here lotsof love and enormouse hug sunray

Congratulations Hopeful, I am so pleased that you took action as that first step is the hardest. You might want to take a look at this site, it shows exactley how we are 'groomed' within our relationships. I can certainly relate to it as can many others I'm sure. Take care