I don't believe you just said that


Yesterday I was shopping with my wife looking around the charity shops. Yes I admit it I am addicted to charity shops and I have a wardrobe full of clothes and shoes to prove it. My father was Italian, we are quite a vain lot. I had had a really rubbish day the day before. My meds didn’t seem to be working at all so I had the tremors and violent body jerking most of the day which as you all know is exhausting. I went into a shop that i use a lot and the staff all know me. A young guy in his early thirties who works their came over clutching a designer polo shirt. " I’m glad you came in because I saved this for you." It was an XL I am a medium at best now, since the medication has taken about two stone off of me. I held it up against myself and it was massive. “It’s a bit big” I said. But thanks for thinking of me. Then I started telling him how big I used to be when I was bodybuilding and now, since be diagnosed with PD I struggle to open a packet of biscuits. Then he said" Your looking really well, what’s meant to be wrong with you? “Parkinson’s” I said. we all have bad days. I suffer with anxiety and you should see me if I don’t take my meds". Now at that point I wanted to insert his medication where the sun don’t shine but instead I smiled and walked away with steam coming out off my ears. I couldn’t move my head because of the pain in my neck and shoulders, my tinnitus was turned up to ten, I had only slept for four hours in the last three days and I have been constipated for the last week. To say I was not at my best was an understatement. He was comparing anxiety with having Parkinson’s. I also suffer with anxiety so I know how bad it can be, but I don’t understand how he can compare the two. It often surprises me how little the public know about Parkinson’s. Most seem to think that you just shake a little bit. When I am asked how are you? They expect me to say " Oh I’m O.K. But now I don’t. Now I just say " On permanent Vibrate. And watch the trouble expression on their face.


That’s funny! Yes people ask,”how are you.” They don’t really want to know … yes people think when you have PD it’s not that bad - but when you have Cancer it’s tragic!! I work with PD patients and they are rigid and can’t communicate their needs etc.


I’ve lost patience with small talk.
They ask, I answer.
End of.


I just say “next question!”.