I eat my peas with honey

I eat my peas with honey
I've done it all my life
It makes the peas taste funny
But it keeps them on my knife!

Just come across that little ditty and thought it would appeal to my fellow Parkinson's, a group of which I am a new member. Seriously though, if anyone has tips on how too use a fork without the contents being shaken off en route to the mouth, I'd like to read them. Has anyone developed a gyroscopic stabilizer I could strap to my wrist?

I'm 64, retired scientist, recently diagnosed, on Madopar and wondering why I won such a lousy prize in a raffle at 500 to 1 odds. Still, it does explain a few things. Why have I always been such a bad squash player? Why could I never juggle 5 balls while my teenage child progressed to it with ease?

Hello everyone...........
Hello Bartobob and welcome.

I know exactly what you mean about peas, they being one of my favourite vegetables and the only frozen sort I will eat (once cooked of course.) I had not thought of trying to glue them together with honey. Chasing them around the plate with a spoon simply ends up with a mass of peas upon the floor. Have you tried the "mushy " variety. Can't stand them myself. Maybe it is time to try another sort of veg that is easier to prang with a fork?

Seriously though, I think that PD is PC i.e does not discriminate between scientists or artists, good or bad squash players. I also would rather have won a different sort of lottery - the one that would enable me to afford a better quality of life with pd - more suitable accomodation e.g. a bungalow, preferably near the sea, more outside carer time, to give my O/H a break.

But heigh ho - c'est la vie. All we can do is make the most of what we have and what are able to do when we are able to do it.

Wishing you all the best
Hi Bartobob


Look on the bright side, you may have trouble with your pees, but you'll be a demon with a whisk.

I'm new to the forum too, so it's nice to meet you.


Thanks for your welcomes. As Robinson Crusoe put it (sometime before the Rolling Stones...."You cant always get what you want") be thankful for what you've got rather than wishing for what you haven't. I may not be able to pick up peas but I can shake a good cocktail!
you must try a weening spoon they are great for peas. the kids get to use them all the time. or how about a spork not sure where you get them but they a cross between a fork and a spoon. i have one but onlt use it fo my cake :laughing::laughing:
sorry i ment a forkoon and they have got them on amazon :wink::wink:
Thanks for the forkoon suggestion jzygirl............looks like something on a Swiss army knife!
I too enjoy peas. My fave.

I prefer the "foie gras" feeding method. No fork required.

Requires an ACME Giant Funnel and a vast quantity of peas.

AB you still need to at least defrost them as they can clogg up the narrow end, (of the funnel) or cause your core temprature to drop causing hypothermia.

Tastes of whatever the funnel was last dipped in, but you can sling a kilo bag into yourself, without spillage, well ...

Dont talk to me about odds. I only have a 1 in 40 chance of getting a 50:50 correct, if it wasn't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all, etc., etc.
tha needs go t'alifax an get soom propa mooshy peas, preferably at Pearson's. nowt layk it.
Where is the fun in that?

All the phart is in the skin. And it's the phart that keeps the colon healthy (maybe, and that's good enough for me).

Also i have been blessed with Lemon Pharts Syndrome so that saves on air phreshener. Its a genetc disorder which has already been patented by Johnstone Glade.
:exclamation: - well it loook like a bottom (Edz I never drew it)
:fearful: - AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh Lemony Fresh
fear not young eck, the marrowfart pea which is the constituent of mooshy peas has EXTRA STARCH so you will be able to continue with, nay improve, your edifying hobby. recent studies confirm this: