I get a very strange feeling when I have a Pee

I get a very strange feeling when I have a Pee, wait for it,

[u]In my arms and hands,[/u] it is very painful like and electric pulse running through my body by the time it reaches my arms it has built to a really bad painful sensation that last a few seconds. If it lasted any longer I am sure I would black out

I am hopefully seeing my nurse this week, and I shall reluctantly mention it to her.
Don’t want anybody else to suffer like this but it would give me some comfort to know that I was not on my own with this bizarre pain sensation.
Jaylew I have heard that this syndrome can be related to kidney stones. If so, no wonder you nearly pass out. Maybe doctor, asap?
Many thanks will do,
oh by the way
I should have wrote WEEEE and not pee,
I am definitely a woman,

jay x
That changes things. Still need to see Doc. Also mentioned in cafe!

Hope to see you in meet and greet :smile:
I am definitely a man, AND have had kidney stones removed, but no pain like that.

PS, I just love the way you've given "pee" a capital P!


You must learn to say "urinate"
Not "Urinate"?
Hi all, could it be a UTI it can do all sorts of strange things to your body. I speak from experience.
Hi Jaylew

That sounds horrible, and how strange to have pain in your hands when you wee. Hope you go get it checked out soon

Hi All.

Many thanks for your reply's,

I am going to the docs this coming week.

So glad I made you smile "ROS":flushed:

Chat to you all soon