I got the wibbly wobblies

Hello,I have been experiencing the wibbly wobblies,dyskensia ?(I am seeing my neurologist next week) over the past 3weeks, body writhing, head rolling, arms and legs going all over the place.So I was sitting in my chair last night, I couldn’t stop these involuntary movements and they were starting to wear me out.I had to do something so I placed one hand on my forehead and cupped the back of my head with the other and supported the weight of my head and the involuntary movements stopped …wow! I felt such a relief .I tried it several times and it worked.
I wanted to share this experience with you all to find out if it could benefit others or is it something peculiar to my condition

A good share if it helps someone else.

Will give it a try Cheers


good morning,its a lovely sunny morning.I had you in mind when I wrote this post.its much easier if can get someone to do it for you.

Yes it would be good.and how is you.Thanks for sharing your thoughts and wisdom with me. best wishes.

Ask your neurologist if you are over medicated. Apparently this can cause some of the unwanted symptoms that you describe.

OH would prefer his freezing moments, and sometime tremors, to the involuntary movements that you describe, having seen so much of them in others with Parkinsons.

Thanks benji,i am seeing my neurologist this week.I have had involuntary movements before but nothing as bad as this.Its slowly sapping my energy and its very distressing.

YES,spoke to my neurologist and has reduced my medication which has helped

Hi bigJoe

Are you enjoying the good weather.?

hi babs,yes,its lovely weather,well dare I say, im finding it a bit hot!