I had my PIP assessment yesterday

I had my PIP assessment yesterday, it seemed to go okay. The lady seemed well prepared and knowledgeable. I made certain that I was in an Off state during the whole interview, which was damned tough, but I felt obliged to show the assessor what Parkinson’s looks like 19 years after diagnosis. I was told she would write a report and that someone else would assess my needs. I would probably get a decision by mid-January.

Why they getting someone to assess your needs, had my pip lady was at my house 20mins said don’t really know why I’m here, she said she would rush it through was on high mobility and middle care .Got reply in two weeks enhanced rate on both nearly £100 more.Thanks to my pd support worker and pduk

Hi Martini
I wonder what is the point of a " health care professional" yeah right .
Assessing anyone diagnosed with pd or any other degenerative disorders as it takes the consultant a lot of time to reach their diagnosis and they are “PROFESSIONALS”
also if you have pd or a degenerative condition why on earth would you care about going to work when you know what you have to look forward to.
These people and MPs should ask themselves what they would do in that position.
I for one if forced into work would not give two hoots about the company going forward or production and profit growth when going forward , thinking outside the box etc means I drop down and spend my last days in hospital unable to quench my thirst then leave the planet with a nice clear conscience knowing the company is doing well.
NO I will spend my time I have left doing what I choose and if I starve in the process because of sanctions so be it.
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Hi Gus
My brother had a stroke and was paralyzed on one side
he was assessed at home by a paramedic obviously underpaid for his pip .
She too was very jolly but however had another agenda altogether .
He lost points because he could put a T shirt on so was adjudged as being able to dress his top half on his own
even though if the shirt was out of reach someone would have to fetch it for him as he was immobile.
Also the assessor put his TV remote down the side of his chair and asked him to pick it up which he did so therefore lost points for that.
Anyway two months later he was dead and his wife had to pay for the time he was in hospital.
It’s a disgusting uncaring system.
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Sorry here that at first they would not give me a home visit, until pduk stepped in. I just think if you have a letter from consultants should be enough, plus we don’t take loads of tablets for fun.its not rocket science

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Thank you Gus
This system is targeting the wrong people and even if they looked at the right people they are in the minority therefore they are spending more than they save.
Maybe ministers have invested in ATOS etc or I could just be paranoid?
There are people who use the system by the same token there are people living around me with real anger issues and I for one would much rather they were on benefits than working beside me .
My brother worked from the age of 14 to 60 only to be treated like a waster and have no retirement time
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I had my PIP award statement yesterday. My payment has been increased by 33% and am very pleased.