I just want to do my job … l

Afternoon to all!
After my occupational health review, i found out that my manager has been telling a few lies regarding my illness and how I am with it , Leaving me no choice but to start a grievance against them. I overheard her making a derogatory comment about me, that is definitely classed as discrimination. And pd uk had helped with that side of The process , my questions are Has anyone been through this process , I don’t want any personal details as it where , I just want to find out , if it helped improve you’re working relations or did you feel it didn’t improve a thing? Did you feel it painted a target on you’re back ? Or did end up leaving ?

Thanks in advance

Hello suemac
I’m sorry I can’t help with your request as I’ve not been involved in a grievance but was once in post with managers who were basically bullies. It was heartbreaking to see the damage and distress they caused and how hard it was to get someone to listen,which we did eventually. I am just writing to let you know you have my support. I know it won’t help you directly but when the going gets tough as it surely will, maybe it will help keep you strong. If I offer any advice it is keep detailed factual notes. It is a source of some sadness that in the so called enlightened 21st century, such outdated management practices still exist. Take care.
Best wishes

I am sure that she had no right to let you go. At least because you can perform your job duties without too much trouble. So you can try to appeal this decision if you are willing. In the end, even if the court’s conclusion is not on your side, you can always try to take up another field of activity. Many areas now are even related to medicine, such as https://www.exploremedicalcareers.com/. It seems to me that it is worth developing in different directions. It will at least allow you to broaden your horizons.

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