I keep getting so frustrated


I find myself getting really frustrated with myself and everything around me at the moment, I have had Parkinson’s for over 3 and a half years now and I keep getting so angry and anxious about the slightest thing, I can’t deal with stress it sends me into a stress state and then am in a circle of anxious, angry and stressed and it’s not just one thing it’s everything, am so lost and don’t know what to do anymore, can I have some advice on what I need to do, as I am at my wits end with all of this please.

Good morning Lloydy1966 … So sorry to hear you are having a bad time & are both angry & depressed. Having Parkinson’s can be difficult to handle both physically & mentally.

Have you spoken to your medical team about this ? That’s GP, Neurologist & Parkinson’s nurse. I was in my GP’s surgery on Friday & there are posters & TV information about mental health.

Perhaps do a list of all the things that are upsetting you.

My GP referred me to the PCN Social Care & they were a great help to me … Why not get a referral to them. They helped getting me a Blue disability badge, attendance allowance & helped get my flat more disability friendly. One lady visited my flat & was supportive.

Do take care & seek help.

Best wishes

Hello Lloydy
The first thing I would say is don’t lose heart, all is not lost, you have not only recognised what is happening to you but you are seeking help and advice on what to do about it - and that’s no small thing.
I agree with Steve2 however and you may well need some professional help to help you manage this level of frustration and stress and he has given you some very good advice.
It may seem a little odd to say this but some anti depressants may help. People get wary about antidepressants because they have had such a bad press about being highly addictive. However a short or low dose course can help correct any chemical imbalance and get you over the obstacle that is stopping you seeing the wood for the trees. If you can think more clearly and logically about the triggers that set off the feelings of frustration and stress etc, you may be able to think of ways to start to manage it; if you can do this it will feel like you have some control back - unlike at the moment when you probably feel like a hamsterr running on a wheel.
There are losts of things on the internet which you may find helpful. Here are a couple of ideas.

How Laughter Yoga Can Help People with Parkinson’s.

Meditation and relaxation techniques, mindfulness and things like laughteer yoga may on the surface be something you are not comfortable with. They can seem a bit ‘New Age’ and odd, but I would encourage you not to dismiss them out of hand. If you are preparwd to be open minded and give them a go they can be very powerful tools but yiu would need to practise them to get full benefit.
Possibly one of the easiest to get into is laughter yoga - which someone who runs an online group has recently raised a post about on the forum, unfortunately I haven’t been able to find it at the moment. In simple terms it works on the premise that a deliberate or pretend laugh has the same positive effect as a real laugh and if you try the technique you end up laughing for real

All of the above have various videos etc online and many you can do on your own if there’s not any classes locally.

Then of course, as I am sure you know, activities like tai chi and yoga are good for relaxation.

As you are clearly very wound up at the moment, I do think you need to consider getting some professional help from your medical team as Steve2 has suggested. You might also want to give the helpline a call as they may be able to tell you of local resources that can help and indeed, just the act of talking to someone may help get you on the right track. However, in my opinion you have nothing to lose by finding out a bit more about some of the things I have suggested, try and keep an open mind if they seem a bit alien to you as if you find something that resonates with you, you potentially have a very powerful tool at your disposal.

I wish you well and hope this has helped a little bit at least

Hello again Lloyd1966 … I got diagnosed with Parkinson’s in June 2023 & for me my most anxious & stressful time was the 6-8 months after diagnosis. I had a lot of big problems & I could not deal with them.

Strangely my health has been a lot worse recently but I feel more in control now.
I feel what can be done is being done & I am being listened to.

I did get through the bad period & mentally I’m more at peace with my life.

Best wishes

Hi Lloydy1966,
At times I do exactly the same, getting frustrated when I cannot do the things I have always done, or it simply takes longer because I need to redo it a few times.
Typing this is a case in point, I find that I am typing the same letter a few times or simply hitting the wrong key.
I am learning to cope with the various and varied “things” that happen.
Remember that the more stressed you become the worse things become, you start shaking a lot more and you start feeling a lot more depressed and it becomes a self repetitive syndrome.
Remember you are not alone in this there are thousands of us and we are here on the site to help each other and give whatever advice we can at any time.

Hi Lloydy1966,

Further to my previous thoughts, I have just read an interesting article in
Parkinsons News Today, which has an article:
“Researchers propose prescribing exercise as medicine in Parkinsons”.
It really is an interesting article.

Hi Lloydy, I cannot condon the use of CDB oil, but all I can say is that we have been using it for years and when my wife has “troubles” a small doze under tongue does the trick. :wink:

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the advice and support, I will give them a try, nothing ventured nothing gained, thanks again.

Hi thanks Tot,

For the advice and support you have given me, I will give them a try. thank you again.

Hi CliveV,

For the advice and support you have given me, I will give them a try. thank you again.

You are right the frustrated I get the worse I get it is a cycle that I find I can’t get out of and the more I get frustrated with.

Thanks again for your time.

I’m so glad I could help if only a little.

You’re welcome Lloydy1996 and it wasn’t until CBD oil was mentioned that I thought about Bach’s Rescue Remedy - I’ve never used it myself (which is probably why I didn’t think of it before) but a lot of people swear by its effectiveness. It may be worth your checking it out. I hope you find something that works for you.
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