I know it's hot but

I am sooooo tired. I wish I could just enjoy the sun.
iTo be. Honest I do nor like hot sun because I have a fair skin and freckles. So I burn easily even with a high factor sun cream. So I am happier ejnjoying the shade.
I think it is far toooo hot for everyone but much worse for people with Parkinson's . The same goes for when it is very cold . Will have to get some replacement body thermostats lol.
I desperately need help. Just after lunchtime yesterday I ended up OnThe lounge carpet rolling around with far too much movement. I was bumping into things a it was very frightening. This morning I have so many bruihes I do not want to even start to try and count them .My lunch ended up OnThe floor,so I could only eat what was left on my plate! Then I fell lout of my chair and all the rolling about ,due to too much movement started again When I tried to get back Into the chair I banged my head really hard. So I,managed to phone the surgery who in turn told me not to move from the chair unless absolutely necessary The first ambulance was diverted to a lady who was suffering from a heart attack. So all in all I was satin a chair too frightened to move for about an hour until a ambulance eventually arrived. The one In charge used a machine which was supposed to take all my obs. U unfortunately due to the heat the machine declared me dead! It is a good job I have a good sense of humour .
Please can someone help me becauseI I am really frightened because I just cannot face all that again.Pleaese Someon e help me. Love BAx. (Blue Angel)
Please someone help me.I scared. Love bax
I don't like to say it's too hot because I'd sooner have this weather then the cold but it does seem to make me even more tired and I can't sit out in it like I used to, I'll put up with it though, it's better then the gloomy rain anyday.

A big bus from me Blue Angel . This heat as been a killer for so many , especially Parkinsonians I dare say many other conditions also

My husband doesn't appear to get the same problem as you but he has been frozen in his chair . I understand how frightening it must be .

I get frightened and feel helpless , all I can do is try to keep him calm and reassure him .
Hi Blue Angel,

I don't know if you've received it, but we sent you an email this morning. Your situation sounds very distressing and you should definitely call our helpline where someone will be happy to talk to you.

The helpline number is 0808 800 0303

Kind regards,

Forum team
Hello Blue Angel, the very warm weather may be be affecting your blood pressure
it has the same effect on me,the heat is making the Parkinsons worse ,my PD Nurse
suggested ice cubes in a poly bag place on head while sitting with feet in a dish of cold water, and of course make sure you increase your fluid intake, it works
and I can recommend these measures,please take care as your contributions to our forum are much welcomed, this heat cannot go on forever.
Best wishes Fed
I will try that FedEx, although if he carries on the way he has for the last hour , I will cool him off by .throwing it over his head . lol

Only joking ,,,,.

Don't wan.t to rub it on but someone told me earlier that it is going to be even hotter tomorrow ., Is that possible !!
I feel for everyone.

My biggest fear?...... My lovely Daddy died of skin cancer in 2010, he wasn't a sun worshipper, but was a footsie ref while my brothers were younger and probably got burnt during that time.........that is just another fear on top of the pd.

Much to the amusement of holiday reps me and my family come home as white as we arrived.

But what gets through outside of holidays.... Scared.
He was a footie ref rather than a footsie one lol.......bloody pd fingers!!!! [::confused:::grin: