I really don’t feel well

For a couple of weeks I have felt very weak in my legs and so fatigued.
The last time I felt like this, years ago, I had the flu.
I’ve been diagnosed since November’18.
Is this another symptom of PD?

Hello Redkite53

My first thought is to wonder how long it is since you had a review of your medications with either consultant or PD nurse?
OR has your routine changed a lot over the holiday period, particularly your diet, I have been feeling down and I am sure I just need to get back to usual life.
Weak feelings in your legs are worrying in case it makes you more likely to fall. How easy is it for you to contact one of the professionals who know you, if that is not easy then do try the helpline. A couple of weeks is long enough to wait wondering if it will get better. Best of luck.

Hi sorry at late reply.
I saw my consultant on Feb 4th & now on low dose Neupro patches **but **I’ve been told by my GP my local health authority wont fund the patches, my original prescription was an FP10 so the hospital paid for them.

I’m just finishing treatment for a UTI & the pain in my legs is awful.
My P Nurse told me yesterday that infections play havoc with PD meds.

I crawled into bed at 6.30 tonight cos I couldn’t stand properly, the fatigue is awful.

I’m just hoping I’ll feel better tomorrow.

Did the flu like symptoms go away in the end?

I have had PD for 14 years and most of that time I have been able to control the symptoms of PD. Now I am suffering with fear of everything, stomach pains (had CT scan no problems found), every day about 4 p.m. I start talking rubbish and I am breathless. I have a choice dyskinesia going on all evening or I take an extra half sinamet which makes me noticeably weird. I wish someone would tell me if this is the normal progression of this disease or can I get help from my Consultant. My GP has reluctantly given me tranquilisers which I take when I feel manic but they do not help. Any advice from someone further along this journey would be appreciated . I wonder if I could be allergic to Sinemet as it does not seem to help.

Hi Farmers_Wife,
We’re very sorry to hear you’ve entered a difficult phase in dealing with your Parkinson’s. We would recommend reaching out to our helpline on 0808 800 0303 when you can, as they have a wealth of resources, including local options, and they are happy to speak with you until they can offer some form of assistance.
Wishing you the best,
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