I shall say hello

Hi everyone,

My name is Jamie and I am 48 years old.

So, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s on Monday, great!

I know I can call the help line but I can't talk to anyone right now as I am too emotional.

People say how I can treat this positively, that really isn't happening right now.

I am in the very early stages of this disease but my dopamine scan showed as abnormal which led to my diagnosis. I can’t help feeling so angry right now; I know this feeling will pass as I know I am a very rational person.

I find myself over thinking/analysing every movement I make now to see if I have the symptoms.

I guess I should count myself lucky as I have a partner who I can talk to, it could be worse, I could be on my own.

Basically what I am trying to say is….


Hello and welcome, it is perfectly normal for you to have mixed emotions, you are indeed lucky to have a partner that you can talk to.

I remember being scared when diagnosed, lots of uncertainty about the future. I was 51 and working full time as a Senior Charge Nurse, now at 55 I have decided to retire. 

In time you might want to join a local branch/group, it would be worth finding out if there is a young persons group in your area. 

For now I hope you get some support from this forum. 

Best wishes 



You're not on your own Jai, almost everyone on this forum felt the same way when they were diagnosed!

The mixture of emotions that we go through is astronomical. First is getting emotional, then the anger and the wandering if the professionals have made the right DX, what to do next, what's going to happen, how will I cope.............it goes on for ever. But, once you are on the best most suitable medication for you, it is mostly plain sailing with a couple of waves here and there which we all learn to cope with in time. Stay positive and keep your chin up. It is good that you have a partner to talk to, also you may wish to contact a parkinsons meeting group in your area for some support. Anything you want to ask or discuss feel free to post and someone will reply, as they say you are not alone in your journey with parkinsons. there is also the helpline number at the top of this page with a mine of information




I wrote this post out and deleted it several times i'll keep it short.

I felt a level of frustration & perhaps anger showed through frustration at the start before i was aware i was ill, it was frustrating Going from a fit strong able man too unable and a stranger i didn't know or why, it was also frustrating for those around me.

Investigation, when i went too the docs, took a year a pause in time,eventual Diagnosis brought about Relief & Acceptance, It could be a whole lot worse i told myself, and it could be, Life certainly has changed that's undeniable, I have limitations even when i want to try too attain the man i was or the man I am underneaf.

i spose what i'm trying too say it's a bit like a Jigsaw, in how the pieces fall into place, they eventually will, it may just take a Life time.


Hallo. I was recently diagnosed, and the worry and anger were hard to cope with. I am now much more accepting. Keep well and as fit as you can.The forum is great

Best wishes



hi frances

                your in the right place at the moment for questions & answers ,the internet can be a mine feild ,& keep your partner informed try not to hide anything .welcome

Hi Jamie....welcome to our friendly forum. Please do not hesitate to ask questions, we have all felt as you do at the moment, lifes a bitch and to be dx with Parky seems daunting but with the correct meds and support from your loved ones you will cope with it.....honestly.....we are all here if you need us.

keep posting matey

best wishes


Hi Jamie 

my husband was diagnosed with PD in Feb, he is 44 years of age and at the time of diagnosis it wasn't a massive shock as we had suspected PD for about 6 months. At the time we were terrified, we thought he wouldn't be able to drive, to work, carry on playing golf (absolute love of his life) but 7 months on he is doing all these things. At first he was reluctant to take any meds but after talking to one of the contributors to this site a great lady called BettyBlue he decided to go for it and he is so much better. Obviously we don't know what the future holds but who does? it is terrifying but it will get better, there wasn't a day went by when me and my hubby didn't think about PD but there are days now when we actually don't think about it. This forum offers great support for pwp and their loved ones and carers.

take care klou

I expect being told you have Parkinsons is much harder to take than it being confirmed after you'd already worked it from the symptoms like me. 

I was 44 when officially DX and  10 years on can still do all my hobbies including Golf for at least part of the day by timing my meds.

It's a very possessive condition that seems to suppress other ailments, I used to suffer from colitis fir 30 years but that has been put to sleep.

They say the earlier PD shows its hand the slower it progresses which means there's plenty of time to adjust.

Work will prove harder to manage over time particularly if you're in a set hours per week job as the symptoms do vary during each day.

Stay active and tell family and friends when you're ready.  The HR people should be able to help if applicable to you and the  DVLA / insurers.


Beware long posts that vanish.

Try to stay positive and always look on the bright side of life



Thanks guys,

Thank you all so much for your words lol

It's been a week now and I'm over the initial shock and back to work today. My boss has been very accommodating and has said if they can help in any way just to shout.

I have booked into my local gym tomorrow to join up for membership, they have a great swimming pool I can take advantage of, I have also joined a weekly Yoga class given at my  place of work as well.

Just waiting to get my physiotherapy up and running, that should be in a couple of weeks.

Thanks Again


Thats great news ! to stay on top of pd you must  remain active,but do not burn to much of the meds off go gentle