I Think I Am Newly diagnosed ?

Hello everyone. My name is John , I am 60 year old male,married with 2 grown up sons, retired, love sport and keep fit, in my youth I boxed as a heavweight and played rugby, my wife says maybe I took too many punches ! Have had symptoms for over 6 years, tremors in my right hand, always dropping cups, plates, glasses, pans, have twitches, poor sleep, vivid dreams, stiffness in right leg,poor memory and concentration,hand writing getting small and scruffy, and when I write my hand aches after a short time and stiffens, I also like painting in oils and find the same problem holding a brush, detailed work is difficult for me although I manage with strategies and aids. Had been to GP a number of times, usually saw a different one each time, my symptoms were dismissed as essential tremor and I have had beta blockers and epilepsy medication, none of which made a blind bit of difference. Things were getting worse with the tremor which is resting tremor and I saw a neurologist at QMC Notiingham two days ago who did physical tests, walking across room down corridor, copying hand movements etc and a discussion of my symptoms and history, he told me I have Parkinson’s and discussed the medications that he could prescribe and how they work. He also said he would arrange an MRi scan to eliminate anything else but he was sure it is Parkinson’s and would recommend I attend a Parkinson’s clinic at Nottingahm City hospital. They will contact me for a MRI scan next, but I am not sure where I am now, I thought I had Parkinson’s all this time, the neurologist is sure it is Parkinson’s, is that it, what happens next ? I dont really know if I am now officially diagnosed or if that will be done later after the scan. Do they give you a letter or something confirming diagnosis, feel a bit in limbo, expected it and relieved to tell the truth but still a shock to the system.

Hi Jackdempsey1919(love the name),
. It sounds like your neurologist is making sure hes right about your diagnosis. The scan should show how much or little dopamine you have in the brain. When he gets the results they confirm the diagnosis and maybe what stage your at and where to go with meds.
Medication can take a while to get right. Read up on meds and try to be in control of what you take. I found that if i make the choice of how and when to start any medication, it makes me feel in control. Everyone is different.

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Hello I was given a letter of diagnosis after a dat scan. Hope your mind is put to rest soon. It’s a good time to explore medication impacts before starting. Once on it, it’s hard to come off. The medication in my view needs a pre education session before starting. However, all react differently. Pitty hard facts not discussed first, but then I suppose one does not know until they hit. Overall, take your time this is a new partnership with your mind and body. Treat yourself preciously and if you know your own values it will help. Stick with you, you will need you to help if it is Parkinsons. Best wishes a new journey awaits. There’s lots of support, keep talking, writing or other. Ps we are with you!

Hi Jackdempsey 1919

Hello John

I remember the feeling well when I was first diagnosed.I think the neurologist sent a letter to my GP who then issued the prescription as suggested by the neurologist. It sounds as though you are now in the system. I was diagnosed in January this year, but don’t feel any different than i did before. I don’t seem to have any Parkinsons symptoms - I also have chronic arthritis and this seems to be more of a problem, as it has been for years.
Now you havw found the Forum you will be able to find out lots of info from fellow PD people. I have found this tremendously helpful, comparing notes.
Good lujck

Hi Divine1 sorry about long time replying I was waiting for my scan results and forgot. thanks for your comments/advice. My scan results only just came this week and I have 2 appointments with clinic and neurologist in the future - January and March which seems a long way off. Scan didnt find anything else other than what they refer to as wear and tear from boxing and rugby, too many blows to head ! Neurologist thought I was at 3 on the scale. I am now going to research the medication he has suggested, but Im not on any yet and actually feel pretty good with all the exercise I am doing. It just seems to take a long time.

hi Jules 47 - sorry for late reply I was waiting for scan results and forgot. Thanks for your comments/advice, only just had scan results and got 2 appointments to see people but in January and March which seems a long wait.

hi Knine. sorru for delay in replying I was waiting for my scan results and forgot - just had the results and 2 appontments to see people in Jan & March which seems a long wait. Thanks for your comments and advice I have been looking at medication but nothing prescribed yet just doing lots of exercise that seems to help.