I used to be the cared-for

Until a year ago, my hubby of 14 years helped me in my life after I lost both legs. I work and have a preschooler, and am about to give birth to another child in 3 weeks. In my late 30s, I have found this pregnancy difficult due to the symptoms of pregnancy, and the hormonal changes, especially at the moment. Suddenly my husband is attending medical appointments, dealing with bad anxiety, apathy and all the cognitive symptoms which are worse than his physical. He is working too, but is very fatigued. He has started on madopar this week, and we went to a young onset group on the weekend which was great. But I'm starting to feel really scared that I will be raising the children alone, not physically alone, but in terms of holding everything together, I already do all the bills, organising etc. I never wanted to have children alone and find my preschooler difficult at times, and am terrified as to how we will cope with a newborn again with parkinsons added in. I guess it's just not the life I wanted, and having a nursing background prior to my illness, I am more aware than my husband what the future holds. I am not sure I can do this.

You will find the strength, Lizzieb.  Everyone finds preschoolers ‘difficult at times’, but you have coped up to now so you will cope when the baby arrives.  Your husband is probably experiencing anxiety at the thought of the extra burden of a newborn but the presence of the baby will give you both a focus and will make you grow in strength.   

Forget the future: your children are now, so enjoy your Christmas baby!

Please keep in touch and let us know how everything goes.