I want my driving licence back

Hello all, since the fitting of Duodopa my health has vastly improved, my ability to concentrate is 110% and I feel I am more than capable of taking to the road again, in fact it is a goal which I fully intend to achieve , has any one else
successfully re applied and been granted their driving licence, my previous dealings with the DVLA have not been good , a very high level of incompetence is
in residence there so I think I will probably have a hard time in my attempts to become
mobile again, can anyone advise please.
Kindest Regards fedex
I've got my DVLA medical very soon. If I don't pass ,y whole way of life, my interests and my hope will be lost. I am very nervous.

Good luck with your attempts

Yes I got my licence back after filling in a form which gave the DVLA permission to contact my consultant. I got it back but didn't feel up to using it and now I have a pacemaker fitted I have had to fill in the forms again, life...

Best of luck,

Hello Spam95 and Knighton, thank for replying to my post ,I will make every possible attempt to regain my licence, I feel ready to go for it and anyway I have
the continued welfare of our little two year old Yaris at heart my Lovely wife is many things good, but Driving sympathetically for the little Toyota is not one of them,potholes are unerringly sought out the deeper the better , expensive alloys kerbed time and time again , the lamp post which admittedly is too near our driveway was given a good thumping earlier in the year and guess who came off worst, the offside rear door and quarter panel had to be replaced,and the nearside door mirror has been clouted against the wall of our home so many times
I have simply given up repairing it , so you see the ulterior motive cant you,
and its no use accusing me of being unfair and male chauvinism ,I have to sit and watch the destruction and will do my best to prevent it.I have been driving 53yrs
without as much as a sratch on any of the vehicles I have had in my charge,and some of them grossed 40 ton and 44foot long, dump trucks , excavators Loading Shovels Dozers, the list is many and varied, I rest my case, and will keep my
head down, rest assured. Fedex
Following on from that post about our Toyota Yaris, the car has proved Itself
time and time again,its Very very reliable runs like a sewing machine,and has all the gadgets you could possibly need, the ABS is very good braking the car from 70mph to 0 in four seconds on a dry road, its lightness combined with a very powerful ABS means you have to keep an eye on the vehicles behind as if they are too close the danger of a rear end shunt is possible, this post may not seem appropriate on this Forum I just thought you would like to hear a story about a very reliable little car.
Kindest Regards fedex:sunglasses::smile::grin::smile: to